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"Water Ya Doin', Dopey?"
Season 2, Episode 19B*
S2e19b title card.png
Half hour production code: 219B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate October 29, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Charles Visser
Written by Michael Loprete
Storyboards by Kexx Singleton
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Once in a Purple Moon"
Suceeded by →
"A Royal Pain in the Castle"

"Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" is an episode that premiered October 29, 2016 with "Once in a Purple Moon" on Disney XD.[2] It was previously scheduled for October 15, 2016.

It is the eighty-fifth segment in the series.


After Hildy botches her new aging spell and turns herself and the queen into old ladies, the 7D search for the Fountain of Youth.[3]

From Tom Ruegger

Dopey uses his supernatural water-finding skills to lead the 7D on a desperate search for the Fountain of Youth in order to save Queen Delightful from an aging spell cast by Hildy Gloom.[4]


The segment opens at the Glooms' manor. While Grim is perfecting his snare trap, Hildy is concocting another spell—an aging spell that will turn Queen Delightful much older—with prunes as the main ingredient. Hildy succeeds, and the spell's aroma travels to her castle; soon after, the screams of Lord Starchbottom are heard. The 7D the arrived to the Bing-Bong Bell and a panicked Starchy. The dwarfs then see Delightful—really old and in a motorized version of her throne!

They learn that she's a victim of the aging spell though Doc's Encyclopedia Enchantica, which it talks for the first time. The book reveals that a location called the Fountain of Youth, inside the Cavern of Many Fountains, contains special water that reverses age. But the encyclopedia also warns that Delightful will get really older quickly. As the 7D and Starchbottom begin their search for the fountain, meanwhile, Hildy finds herself old, too: She mistakenly used two prunes instead of one, and while the spell had done its job, it also backfired on her. The Glooms, too, have to search for the Fountain of Youth, while along the way elder Hildy adopted so many cats!

On the way to the cavern, Delightful announced that she'll retire from the throne and her replacement would be a sickly sweet preteen queen from nearby Jocularwood with a dangerous badger on her crown, motivating the 7D to get to the fountain as soon as possible. Hildy questions Grim if he would still love her if she stays old, and Grim reassures her he'll be with her until the very end. The heroes finally arrive the cavern and dig their way from above ground. They come across the first fountain they saw, and Grumpy rushes over to take a sip; he then says embarrassing things about himself, which Doc then reveals that it's the Fountain of Truth!

The Glooms then arrive at the cavern and face the 7D, Starchbottom, and Delightful. The 7D and Starchy later find themselves in Grim's snare trap, while Hildy and Delightful face off on a race to the Fountain of Youth; Hildy causes damage to the right wheels of Delightful's scooter, disabling her. The 7D tricked Grim into releasing them, and come to the Queen's aid. Hildy arrives at the next fountain and samples some of the water, but nothing worked. She realizes that it's soda fountain and cries as the 7D and Delightful pass her by to the last fountain in the cavern, which is simply in appearance an ordinary drinking fountain. Dopey uses the flower on his shirt to test the water, and the flower reverts itself back before it bloomed—it's the Fountain of Youth! Delightful drinks the water and she's back to her normal self; the Glooms arrive and Hildy uses her wand on the 7D, only to cause a cave-in. The heroes escaped just in time amid the falling rocks; when it is all over, the Fountain of Youth is destroyed, leaving Hildy being old forever.

In the end, Delightful is playing bingo with the 7D and Starchbottom back at the castle, while Grim ages himself to show Hildy that he will always be with her till the end of time, and with their cats in tow...

Running Gags

  • Everyone being horrified of the Queen and Hildy's old-looking appearance. This is similar to the running gag in "The Fairest in the Land", except it is just the Queen and her appearance as a troll.
  • Every time Bashful asks a question...
    • ...Grumpy (or Hildy) says "Take a wild guess"...
    • ...Bashful answering that question...
    • ...Disco lights, party music and confetti appear out of nowhere...
    • ...Grumpy (or Hildy) saying "Winner, winner chicken (or lizard) dinner"...
    • ...Bashful getting a bucket of chicken wings (or lizards).
  • Grumpy revealing his secrets (after drinking from the Fountain of Truth).


  • "Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" is a phrase that sounds like "What are ya doin', Dopey?".
  • The Glooms adopted so many cats in the episode; coincidentally, this episode aired on National Cat Day!
  • Moral: Love has no limits.
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Dopey has the ability to find water like a divining rod (as stated by Doc).
    • Grumpy reveals the following after drinking from the Fountain of Truth:
      • He keeps a dream journal.
      • He has once dated a mermaid that turned out to be a walrus in a dress.
      • He once kissed a gnome.
      • He likes waxing his back.
      • His eyebrows are actually tiny toupees.

Cultural References

  • Hildy names two of her cats that are based on real life people: One is "Raymond Purr", a pun on the name of actor Raymond Burr, best known for the role of Perry Mason, and "Vladimir Purrtin", a pun on Vladimir Putin, the twice and current president of Russia.


S2e19b 'i just know i suddenly love bingo!'.png

  • The feather on Starchbottom's hat is missing when Delightful says that she loves bingo.
S2e19b delightful rolling along slowly.png

  • As Delightful is about to leave the castle on her scooter slowly, the feather on Starchbottom's hat is colored green rather than light blue.
S2e19b 'by tomorrow, she's going to...'.png

  • When Starchbottom says "By tomorrow, she's going to...", the skintone on his forehead disappears in one frame.
S2e19b 'these kitties need some playtime.'.pngS2e19b 'nose kiss.'.pngS2e19b error - grim's legs disappear.png

  • When Hildy lovingly cuddle her three cats, asked herself if she would stay old forever and Grim reassures her that he'll always love her, the cats appear different between shots. Also, as the white cat is about to begin scratching Grim's hair, Grim's legs disappear for one second.
S2e19b 'hey, the 7d dug a hole. cool.'.pngS2e19b 'but we will have to buy you some glasses.'.png

  • The lightning bolt on Grim's hair disappear twice while he and Hildy arrive at the 7D's digging site.
S2e19b 'but what about us'.png

  • When Starchbottom asks Delightful what he and the 7D would do once she retires, Sneezy's shirt has five stripes instead of the usual six, and the top stripe is blue rather than red.
S2e19b doc - 'the cavern of many fountains.'.pngS2e19b doc's hat displaying map.png

  • In the establishing shot where the 7D, Starchbottom and Delightful arrive at the Cavern of Many Fountains, Bashful is not among them. Also, heard during this screenshot is Doc's announcement of the location's name: what it does not show is that he used a map displayed by his hat to mark their location; the next screenshot on the right does.
S2e19b grumpy - 'yep, this is it.'.png

  • After the 7D (sans Doc) fell into the cavern below, Sneezy's shirt is all blue and Bashful's beard has been covered up in his face. The goof where Bashful's beard has been covered up in his face was first occured in "The Littlest Giants".
S2e19b 'hey, how come you're old, too'.png

  • When Sneezy confronts Hildy inside the cavern, there is a black outline on the top of Starchbottom's nose where it normally should not be.
S2e19b happy asking grim if he could show them to build the trap.png

  • When Happy asked Grim to show them how to set up his trap to fool him to set them free, the sleeves on Sneezy's shirt is all blue.
S2e19b 'no fair!'.pngS2e19b the 7d and starchy rushing to delightful's aid.png

  • Hildy faced off Delightful en route to the the next fountain (the soda fountain) and Hildy succeeded in stopping the Queen. The 7D then tricked Grim to set them free from his trap and rushed over to help Delightful. However, in the screenshot in the right, Hildy is nowhere to be seen on the pathway; she already reached the soda fountain by then.
S2e19b sneezy - 'we got you, queen delightful.'.pngS2e19b hildy sobbing as the heroes pass by.pngS2e19b 'how can we be sure if this is it'.png

  • Bashful and Sleepy are shown picking up Delightful's damaged scooter, but as they pass by the soda fountain, they misteriously disappeared. In the last screenshot above, Bashful is already at the Fountain of Youth until the rest of them arrived, without any indication how he got there first.
S2e19b dopey dipping his flower into the fountain.pngS2e19b 'we should bottle this.'.pngS2e19b 'yip-youth-yooray!'.pngS2e19b hildy's spell hits the cavern.png

  • Dopey used the flower in his shirt to ensure it is the Fountain of Youth, and it does because the flower reverts itself back before being bloomed. Until he and his friends faced the Glooms the final time, the flower is back on Dopey's shirt, bloomed, but as he and his friends escape the Glooms' spell the flower that supposedly became younger earlier is not on his shirt again. Also, during this scene, after Delightful reversed her age, the next shot shows the 7D and Starchbottom cheering, but Delightful is still shown being old despite already breaking the spell.
S2e19b 'great thinking, dopey!'.png

  • When Doc says "Great thinking, Dopey", Sneezy's shirt once again has five stripes, and the bottom stripe is red instead of blue.
S2e19b 'i don't got it.'.png

  • When the 7D and Starchbottom are shown playing bingo, the entire left part of Sneezy's scarf is cut off.


Imternational Premieres

  • March 22, 2017 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • December 27, 2020 -- (Disney XD Asia)


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