"Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-ca-no!"

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For the object, see Rock of Sages (object). For the song, see Rock of Sages (song).
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"The Rock of Sages"
Season 1, Episode 24*
S1e24 title card
Half hour production code: 124[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate September 12, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno / Jeff Gordon / Charles Visser
Story by Shea Fontana / Tom Ruegger / Deanna Oliver / Paul Rugg
Written by Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by David Bennett / Kevin Frank
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam"
Suceeded by →
"When Pigs Fly"

"The Rock of Sages"[2] is an episode and it is the series' first and only 30 minute and full length episode as well as the Season 1 finale. It was originally scheduled to premiere Thursday, January 22, 2015 on Disney XD, but it had been removed from the schedule because, according to Shea Fontana, the episode's animation has to go through final retakes.[3] It finally premiered on September 12, 2015.[4] However, the episode had premiered internationally before the United States (see below). Before the official U.S. announcement, series executive producer Tom Ruegger has said "The Rock of Sages" would premiere in the United States in September (see first trivia item below).

It is the forty-seventh and forty-eight episode in the series.


In an epic quest to rescue Jollywood, the 7D must travel to the far corners of the globe to gather seven magic stones, which when combined form the Rock of Sages, the source of all magic.

Guest stars

  • Jay Leno recur as Crystal Ball
  • Whoopi Goldberg recur as Magic Mirror.[5]

In a quest to rescue Jollywood from destruction at the hands of an evil wizard, the 7D must travel to the far corners of the globe to gather seven magic stones which, when combined, form the Rock of Sages, the source of all magic.

Guest Star


Part 1

The episode starts with a book, which opens. A tale is told about Jollywood by a narrator. Happy sings a song about his village being the jolliest of all. The song ends abruptly when Grumpy is seen sitting out. The narrator asks him if there's something wrong, and Grumpy says he's not in the mood for the festivities. Queen Delightful is having a water balloon holiday where she throws water balloons over the village.

However, Jollywood didn't begin like this. Once upon a time, there were the Seven Sages. Each of them held a special piece of the gem, which when combined forms the Rock of Sages. The rock had special effects which made Jollywood the place it is right now. People had moved into the land and named it Jollywood.

Back at the Seven Sages, they were victims of a rude and dirty trick that an evil wizard had played to force them to look away from the gem; he told them there was a Bigfoot on the other side and snatched the gem. The evil Lord Grudgemunger used the gem for selfish purposes, wiping out all the magic. The Seven Sages performed a similar trick by forcing Lord Grudgemunger to look for a Loch Ness Monster on the other side. The sages easily grabbed the rock from him, restoring the magic in Jollywood. The sages agreed to take their pieces of the rock to the seven corners of the world to ensure that Grudgemunger won't get his hands on the rock again. That is...until today.

The scene cuts to the the Glooms. They are at the top of Mount Jollywood, where Hildy plans to turn the mountain into a volcano, thus destroying everything in Jollywood and blackmailing Delightful so if she doesn't make Hildy queen, the volcano will cook everything in Jollywood to a crisp. They do the spell successfully, making the mountain a volcano.

The Glooms arrive at the balcony of the castle, where they blackmail Delightful to give up her position as queen to Hildy or Jollywood is toast. Queen Delightful, the 7D, and even Grim go into a tizzy and start saying "Ooh-wee! Ooh-wee! Vol-ol-cano!" Hildy gets annoyed, and demands Delightful to make her the queen. Hildy is now Queen, and despite her promise, cannot stop the volcano.

The scene cuts to the 7D on Mount Jollywood. Happy breaks a piece of glass, which reveals a scroll, which sings his song about where to find each piece of the Rock of Sages. The 7D now get on their way to finding the pieces of the Rock of Sages.

Sneezy is the first dwarf to arrive at his location, the Black Diamond Dunes. When walking up to gem, a dune goes right over him though he manages to grab the gem.

Sleepy's location is the Leaning Tower of Mattresses. He reaches the top, but he decides to take a rest, although he can't because there's a lump in the bed, which turns out to be the blue gem.

Back at the castle, things aren't going so well. Delightful, formerly Queen Delightful, announces that Happy Water Ballooney Day is now canceled, and that she's not the kingdom's queen anymore. Hildy, the kingdom's new queen, announces that Happy Water Ballooney Day can continue. The first part ends with a cliff-hanger.

Part 2

The story continues. Now, Dopey needs to find the orange gem at the Sycamores of Shh. These trees are black and white, because they were planted before the invention of color. There's a squirrel guarding the gem. Dopey hands it a pile of nuts and the squirrel gives Dopey the gem.

Bashful is at the Vines of Vamoose. He uses camouflage to hide himself from the "vines," which are the venomous snakes in the area. He grabs the violet gem, but the Vines of Vamoose squeeze him and send him flying.

Doc has to find the blue gem in the Conical Cap of Truth, which turns out to be Doc's hat. He grabs the gem out of his hat, and him and Bashful run home.

Back at Jollywood, Queen Hildy was getting angry. Grim decides to make it snow at Mount Jollywood, which causes it to snow at the castle.

The scene cuts to Happy, at the hills that yell a lot. To Happy, their screeching sounds like singing, so he becomes their conductor and they start singing rather than screeching, so he is able to grab the yellow gem.

The 6D unite at Mount Jollywood, wondering where Grumpy is. They come across a man reading a book, who was the narrator of the episode all along.

Grumpy spent some of his time on a goose chase, which finally led him to the most magical place of all: The 7D's jewel mine. He comes across the dragon, which he rides to Jollywood. He then goes to Mount Jollywood, finding himself standing next to the narrator. He finds out that the narrator was reading the story out of a book, and tells him to skip to the very end, which would spoil the plot.

The 7D puts the Rock of Sages together, which would be enough to stop the volcano. The narrator of the plot explains that the plot doesn't end with stopping the volcano, but with the fact that he has another identity as evil wizard Lord Grudgemunger.

The scene cuts to a short scene of Grim writing back to his uncle, asking how to stop the volcano.

Lord Grudgemunger, now with the Rock of Sages, takes away all the magic with the Rock of Sages. He awakens his volcano monster. However, Dopey has a plan to keep the volcano monster and Grudgemunger occupied while he adds extra pages to the end of the story that causes Queen Delightful to be Queen again, the volcano monster to run into the sea, the Rock of Sages to split back into seven pieces again, all the power returning to Jollywood, and Lord Grudgemunger runs off with his book, never to be seen again.

Jollywood is once again back in its regular glory. Happy continues singing his song and the episode ends.

Featured Songs


  • This episode is the first and only full-length episode.
  • Ruegger confirmed the date with one of The 7D Wiki's users who followed him on Facebook.
  • Shea Fontana has confirmed that there was probably (not definitely) a high chance for the episode "The Rock of Sages" to be aired in the first half of March.[6] Unfortunately, it didn't. The final premiere air date became September 12, 2015, seven months and 21 days between, creating The 7D's longest hiatus yet, even though it was already shown in a few other countries.
    • Despite the episode being pulled from the American Disney XD during two weeks of new premieres of the series back in January 2015, a few scenes from "The Rock of Sages" had appeared on the promo.
  • Leading up to the premiere of "The Rock of Sages," a marathon took place which aired from 8AM-11AM eastern and pacific.
    • Ironically, the episodes that aired during the marathon were the January premieres.
  • Grim is shown wearing Lord Starchbottom's regular clothing during the second part of the episode. This calls back to "Gnome Alone" when Hildy tells him that she would make him her personal assistant when she becomes queen.
  • The 7D and Grim are the fourth to eleventh people to do the tizzy, third being Grandmommers Whimsical in "Big Rock Candy Flim-Flam", second being Lord Startchbottom in "Buckets".
    • This episode marks Dopey's first of two tizzies, the second of which was in Hop To It, Dopey! The only difference is that, in this episode, there weren't any lights that came out of him, like the other 6D and Grim, whereas lights came out of his ears in the latter-mentioned episode.
  • Many official sources (such as press releases and iTunes) refer to this episode as "Rock of Sages." However, it is actually "The Rock of Sages" looking at the title card.
  • The live-action dancing man dressed in a chicken suit from "Mirror, Mirror" reappeared at the Leaning Tower of Mattresses.
  • The 7D arrived at the castle on the Hot Air Looney Blimparooni for the first time since "The Littlest Giants".
Rock of sages - deleted scene

The episode's deleted scene.

  • Production assistant Val Petrone revealed that a scene was cut (image on right) from the episode before it premiered. During the musical number, the scene features Sneezy emerging from a pile of gems inside the mine. While this was excised from the final cut of the episode, it can only be seen on Disney XD's January 2015 promo for the series.[7]
  • This is the first episode to feature a narration through the half of the episode. The second and last would be in "They Growl By Night".
  • The drawing made by Dopey described by Doc in the episode "The Jollywood Jam" alludes to this episode.
  • Plot Hole: In the episode "Dr. Jingleheimer", Doc says he invented his hat. Although in this episode, he states it was passed down from generation to generation, meaning it's unlikely to have been invented by Doc himself.

Cultural Reference

  • The scene where the Narrator says: "The hills are alive with the sound of," and then Happy says "Music?" is a reference of the 1965 movie "The Sound of Music" from its line from the opening theme song.


  • When Happy is being interrupted by Grumpy's frowning from his song to open the episode, Happy is drawn with thicker lines while Grumpy is drawn with thinner lines. Also, Happy's eyebrows overlaps his eyes.

S1e24 happy sings last line

  • Queen Delightful's footwear changes from her pink and white sneakers to her red dress shoes and back to her sneakers during the scene when she and Starchbottom are shaken by Mount Jollywood's volcanic eruption.
S1e24 shaken up by the eruptionS1e24 delightful asks what's happeningS1e24 delightful pulls the rope

  • When the squirrel retreats to its tree and shows Dopey the orange gem, he is drawn in a regular appearance similar to squirrels that appeared in earlier episodes before returning to the classic black-and-white cartoon style.
S1e24 squirrel shows the orange gemS1e24 squirrel hands over the gem

  • When Doc was looking inside his hat and Bashful turned around to him, the purple gem turned yellow (similar to Happy's gem) behind him.
S1e24 doc wonders about his hat 1

  • It is unknown who stopped the volcano, since it immediately cut to the final musical sequence.
  • When Grim falls down after Hildy told him to read the cantation, the gray bottom part of his pants is missing.


International Premieres

  • April 18, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Latin America)
  • May 27, 2015 -- (Disney Channel South Korea[8])
  • June 6, 2015 -- (Disney XD Spain[9])
  • June 17, 2015 -- (Disney XD UK & Ireland[10])
  • September 6, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Italy)
  • September 12, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Canada)
  • March 5, 2016 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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