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(Open up on The 7D mining)
(Song: Mining Song)
Grumpy: (screams)
Dwarfs: We pound around deep under ground and dig up gems each day,
When the sun sinks low, we say "hi-ho" and cart the jewels away
Our neighborhood is Jollywood, where Delightful is our queen
She holds her throne in her hilltop home, the finest ever seen
It's a castle lover's dream...

(Screen zooms out, as we can see Crystal ball showing the castle)
Hildy: Ooh, those creatures are right.
Grim: About what, my lovey beloved love?
Hildy: About Queen Delightful's castle being the finest ever seen.
Grim: It is pretty perfect, but not as perfect as you, Hildy Wildy.
Hildy: But I want it, Grimmy. I want it, I want it, I WANT IT!
Grim: Ah, and you shall have it, sweet bane of my existence. When we take over Jollywood, we'll live there.
Hildy: But I want to live there now!
Grim: Uhh, unfortunately, the Queen's living there now, my sweet evil treat.
Hildy: Then we need to get her out of there. But how?.
Grim: (thinking) Ooh, ooh, how about we... (whispering)
Hildy: Oh, you are bad, Grim.
Grim: No, you are the bad one, Hildy.
Hildy: No, you are.
Grim: You are the worst.
Hildy: You're ten times worse than I am.
Grim: You're the worst times infinity.
Hildy and Grim: (laughs)

(Cut to the Jollywood's town proper, precisely at a restaurant where Starchy is eating his dinner)
Male Citizen #1: It's coming!
Female Citizen: Run for your lives!
Male Citizen #2: It's heading this way!
Male Citizen #3: It's cominggg!!!
Citizen: It's coming this way!!!
Starchbottom: What's coming this way? I don't see anything. What are you yelling about? (sees a giant) A giant!! Gotta hide, Gotta hide! (hide himself in a wooden barrel) Well, my first instinct was to go protect the queen. Also, as her advisor, it was my duty to give her the latest news.

(Cut to the Castle; Queen Delightful is trying to open the pickle jar and Starchy comes in)
Starchy: Your Majesty!
Delightful: Lord Starchbottom, I love what you're wearing. But this situation is awful!
Starchy: I know.
Delightful: Sir Yipsalot is craving his nightly pickle and I can't get this jar open.
Sir Yipsalot: Yip, yip.
Starchy: But Queen Delightful, we have a big problem!
Delightful: I know. Sir Yipsalot gets very cranky without his pickle.
Starchy: No. Not that. A giant is destroying the village. Everyone is fleeing in terror. I suggest we do the same.
Delightful: Destroy the village?
Starchy: No. Flee in terror.
Delightful: Oh, I see. Well then, there's only one thing we can do.
Starchy: Good, I'll start packing.
Delightful: We must call the 7D!
Starchy: No! The 7D? No. But how can they help? They're tiny. This giant is giant!
Delightful: What other choice is there?
Starchy: We still have that "fleeing in terror" option. I like that one!
Delightful: We need the 7D. So I'm going to ring the Bing-Bong bell. (a rope appears from the sky, Queen Delightful pulls the rope and rings the bell)
Starchy: Maybe I'll pack an overnight bag, just in case.

(Cut to the 7D's cottage)
Grumpy: Oh boy, I'm starvin'. (bell rings)
Sleepy: Whoa! It's the Bing-Bong bell.
Happy: (hits a power chord) The Queen needs us. To the castle!
Grumpy: But what about supper?
Doc: We'll take it to go. Come on! (pushes a level)
Dwarfs: Hi-ho!

(Song: Are You Ready)
Dopey, Bashful, Doc and Sneezy
Are you ready for the 7D?
Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy
Are you ready for the 7D?
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Heigh-ho! Heigh-ho!
Grumpy: Ready spaghetti?
Are you ready to go?
Grumpy: That was mine, Dopey! Tasty?
Dopey: (agrees happily)
Grumpy: See what I have to put up with around here? It makes me so grumpy... (Dopey eats his last meatball) and hungry, too.

(The mine cart falls off the railway, but Doc releases his hot air balloon)
Happy: (offscreen) What's this, Doc?
Doc: My latest invention: the hot air looney blimparooni.
Grumpy: Whoaaaa... Aaaahhhhhhh!
Delightful: Look, Starchbottom, a balloon!
The 7D!
(Grumpy falls and lands on his back)
Grumpy: That's another example of what makes me grumpy.
Dwarfs: Heigh-ho!
Delightful: My friends, thank you for coming. Tonight, my mission for you is of great importance. (The Queen brings out a pickle jar) Can you open this?
Dopey: (agrees, then uses his gloves and opens it successfully)
Delightful: You've done it. Oh, I thank you. And so does Sir Yipsalot. These are the best pickles we've ever tasted. Mmm, try one!
(Each dwarf grabs a pickle)
Starchy: My queen, about the other "pickle" we're in?
Delightful: Oh yes! Gentlemen, one more little thingy. There seems to be a giant in town, stomping things and scaring off the villagers.
Grumpy: Ah, fiddlesticks. There haven't been giants around these parts for years.
Starchy: I assure you this giant is real.
Grumpy: I'll believe it when I see it. (Dopey jumps and eats Grumpy's pickle) I don't believe it.
Happy: So you want us to get rid of him?
Delightful: No, I've grown accustomed to Lord Starchbottom. He worked so hard.
Happy: I mean, get rid of the giant.
Delightful: Oh yes, would you?
Happy: Queen Delightful, we'd be delighted.

(Cut to the 7D run out of the castle to hunt the giant)
Hi-ho, Hi-ho!
Here we go now, Hi-ho!
Doc: So, we went giant-hunting.
Grumpy: Most of us did. Sleepy took a nap.
Sleepy: Hey, it's what I do.

(Cut to the Jollywood's village, where the 7D are sneaking to find the giant. Music plays throughout. Grumpy looks into a well and turns around to find Happy right behind him with his guitar. It turns out Happy was the one playing the music)

Grumpy: Knock it off, Happy! We're supposed to be sneaky, for cryin' out loud!

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