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The Gerkins
S2e09a '...they're charmers who are farmers...' Clockwise from front: Kep, Pa, Grandma, Sissy and Butterbean, and Ma
Character Information
Occupation Pickle farmers
Gender Male, female
Family Lord Starchbottom

The Gerkins are pickle farmers and Lord Starchbottom's family who first appeared in "The Family Pickles". They run the Gerkin Family Pickle Farm, the center of a pickle shortage throughout Jollywood. The Gerkins embarrass Starchbottom—his real name is Dillard Gerkin—so much, that long time ago he left the family to move in Queen Delightful's castle to be her assistant. Dillard uses the name Lord Starchbottom (actually a nickname given to him because he used to wear underpants with too much starch) so he can cover up his ties with them and make it seem like he's from royalty.

Physical appearances


Kep is Starchbottom's twin brother. He wears a yellow long sleeved shirt with blue overalls and a large hat with patches.


Starchbottom's sister, Sissy wears a patterned pink shirt and blue shorts. She has puffy blonde hair and wears red lipstick.


Sissy's single-toothed infant son, he wears overalls made out of a potato sack and also has puffy blond hair.


Starchbottom's father, he has a long beard and hair both colored gray, wears red underwear and a patched brown hat.


The mother of Starchbottom wears a blue dress with a white apron (and a red patch on its side) which contains presumably pickle juice stains. She has brown hair tied with a blue band.


Grandma Gerkins wears a white collared bluish gray dress with a flower pattern on its lower part and a brown blazer. She also wears a straw hat with a black band wrapped around it and a flower on its top and a tea bag tag dangling from it under her white hair.


The Gerkins are a stereotypical hick family. Starchbottom may feel that they embarrass him constantly; however, together they share unconditional love and are supportive of him leaving home to take the job as the Queen's personal assistant, even if he fibbed.

In the series

In "The Family Pickles", the Gerkins' barn where the pickles are processed by their peckler exploded, causing a shortage of Sir Yipsalot's favorite snack. When Starchbottom hears the news from Delightful and the 7D, he hastily went over to the farm himself not needing their help, and when he arrived he was upset at the damage. The 7D went over there anyway and saw a man who look exactly like Starchy, but wearing a shirt and overalls. They at first think that Starchy ran over here to change clothes, but the man introduces himself as Kep and points to Sissy and Butterbean, causing confusion among the 7D. Starchbottom appears surprised at the sight of the dwarfs and the farm's residents. Kep then happily greets Starchbottom welcome home by calling him Dillard, followed by Sissy and Ma, Pa and Grandma Gerkins; they're all Starchbottom's family, and all this time he doesn't want the 7D to know.

Kep explains that he caused the explosion he was watching the family rooster Mr. Bristles instead of checking the machine's pressure valve. Without the peckler to make any more pickles, the Gerkins would have to make the move to Jollywood to be close to the castle; instead Starchbottom disapproves and declares he will take care of the situation. After Doc is able to construct a new peckler and more cucumbers are picked, the Gerkins are ready to resume production of the pickles. Sir Yipsalot and Queen Delightful arrive, and Sir Yipsalot gives the new pickle a try but doesn't like it. Starchy realizes that it doesn't have the family's special pickle powder to give out the flavor that Sir Yipsalot likes and freaks out. Ma points to Starchbottom's pocket watch, and inside is the powder that she puts there to remind him of home when he's away.

More pickle powder were made thanks to Doc, and another pickle is made with it, which Sir Yipsalot approves. Everyone at the farm celebrate, and while Delightful refused to let Starchbottom go because she always like him after he confessed, she invited the Gerkins to stay at the castle for a month, which is bad news for him.



  • Ma Gerkin was first mentioned in "7 Frogs".
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