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Note: Before his appearance in "The 8th D", the elephant had first appeared on The 7D Mine Train game app. He is given the name Raspberry, which is shown as spelled, but it's actually pronounced as "tffrt". Wherever you read (raspberry) on this , it should read like someone is blowing a raspberry.

(Open up on The 7D's cottage)
(animals make their sounds)
Doc: Dopey, your woodchucks keep chucking my wood.
Dopey: (whistles)
Sleepy: Hey, Dopey, your hogs are hogging my hammock.
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: Ah, breakfast.
(owl hoots)
Grumpy: Beat it, bird.
(animals eat Grumpy's breakfast)
(owl hoots)
Grumpy: Oh, Dopey. (Dopey comes over and whistles) You got too many critters!
Bashful: Grumpy’s right.
Happy: Yeah. We like your animal friends, Dopey.
Sleepy: But, winkers! They’re taking over!
Doc: You’ve got to stop bringing critters home!
Grumpy: Yeah, you are ‘’way’’ over the limit, Dopey! No more, okay?
(animals turn sad)
Grumpy: Fine, you guys can stay.
(animals cheer)
Grumpy: (the animals get on Grumpy’s face) Oh, for the love of cheese. (to Dopey) But no new ones, okay?!
Dopey: (whistles)

(cut to the forest)
Dopey: (whistling the theme song, he sees a sad elephant)
(elephant trumpets and cries)
Dopey: (whistles)
(elephant whimpers, Dopey pulls the porcupine from the elephant’s foot and lets it go, the elephant thanks Dopey and does a handshake with its trunk)
Dopey: (blows nose)
(the elephant blows Dopey away, Dopey gets blown across the planet and crash lands)
Dopey: (whistles, he then forbids the elephant to becoming his new pet and walks away, the elephant still wants to join him though; he produces a thought bubble of what the other dwarfs were telling him earlier)
Doc: (in Dopey’s thought bubble) You’ve got to stop bringing critters home!
Grumpy: Yeah, you are way over the limit, Dopey. No more, okay?
(the elephant trumpets, Dopey whistles no, and the elephant starts crying, Dopey starts seeing the elephant’s reaction and finally allows the elephant to join him, he then whistles)

(cut to Hildy and Grim)
Grim: Here goes. I spy with my little eye something that is a castle.
Hildy: Let me guess, Grim. You spy with your little eye—the castle!
Grim: Ha! Hildy, you are great at this game. You guess right every time!
Hildy: Hmm.
Grim: You ready? I spy with my little eye—an elephant?
Hildy: Oh, sure you do, Grim.
Grim: No, really. It’s big, it’s gray, and it’s being shoved into the cottage of The 7D!
Hildy: You had better not be teasing me, Grim! You know how much I love elephants! (sees the elephant through the spyglass) It is an elephant! (squeals) When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was an elephant to ride. Snazzy Shazam got to have an elephant, but my parents said no! Oh, Gwim, does anybody wuv me enough to get me an ewephant?
Grim: I don’t know.
Hildy: Is it too much to ask for someone to go and get me the ewephant?
Grim: Could be.
Hildy: Hmph! (goes back inside the manor)
Crystal Ball: Hey, Dim! Can’t you take a hint?
Grim: Take it where?
Crystal Ball: Hildy wants you to get that elephant for her.
Grim: She does?
Crystal Ball: Uh-uh, yeah.
Grim: I did not know that. Well, I will get that elephant for my elephant-loving Hildy if it’s the last thing I do!
Crystal Ball: Hey, hey, by the way, do you want to know why elephants have wrinkles? I mean, come on, have you ever tried to iron one? (laughs)
Grim: (laughs) Oh-oh, oh, ball, you’re funny.

(cut to Grim outside the manor)
Grim: Gotta go get that elephant for Hildy! Speedily, Peaches!
Peaches: (snorts and tries to carry Grim)

(cut to Dopey trying to push his new elephant in the cottage, the elephant gets shoved inside successfully)
Doc: (distantly) Come back here with my glasses! Hey, owl, give me back my glasses! (sees Dopey’s new pet elephant) Hmm. Hmm!
(Dopey uses the elephant as a lamp)
Doc: Nice lamp. (owl hoots) Oh, crazy owl! Come back here!
Dopey: (whistles)
(elephant rumbles)
(the 7D hide under the table)
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: That’s Dopey’s critter call whistle. (the 7D’s room is then shown with Dopey and his elephant in there) Dopey? (sees Dopey’s new elephant) Whoa! Smells like a circus in here! Did you bring a new critter home?
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: Oh, who’s your new friend?
Dopey: (whistles as if to say "This is..."; then blows raspberry)
Grumpy: Oh! Pleased to meet ya, (raspberry).
(The other 5D appear)
Grumpy: Hey, everybody. This is Dopey’s new friend, (raspberry).
Doc: Good to meet ya, (raspberry)
Happy: Hello, (raspberry)!
Sneezy: How’s it going, (raspberry)?
Sleepy: What’s shakin’, (raspberry)?
Bashful: Hiya, (raspberry).
Raspberry: (trumpets)
Dwarfs: Whoa!
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: A nose like that sure comes in handy.
Doc: (hammers) There! Good as new. Thanks, (raspberry).
Happy: (rings triangle) Time for supper! Join us, won’t you, (raspberry)?
Grumpy: Oh boy, I’m starving.
Sleepy: Well, I’m hungry.
Doc: Whoo-hoo! Let’s eat! (to Raspberry) Grab a chair! There’s plenty for everybody!
(Raspberry crashes)
Bashful: Leave room for me!
Raspberry: (slurps; eats soup with his trunk)
Grumpy: Pass the salt (Raspberry eats Grumpy’s soup), please. (looks at his soup) Wow, I didn’t even know my own appetite.
Raspberry: (slurps)
Happy: Seconds, Grumpy?
Grumpy: Eh, sure. (receives his new soup) Mind passing the grated cheese? (Raspberry eats his second soup while receiving the cheese; looks into his soup bowl) Heh?
Happy: Why, Grumpy, you want thirds?
Grumpy: Uh, no thanks. I’m stuffed. I think.
Dopey: (whistles; blows raspberry; then whistles)
Happy: Dopey was wondering if (raspberry) can stay the night.
Sleepy: Sure. But where’s (raspberry) gonna sleep?

(cut to the 7D’s beds, Raspberry is sleeping in the red hammock)
Doc: Goodnight, (raspberry).
Sleepy: Goodnight, (raspberry).
Sneezy: Goodnight, (raspberry).
Bashful: Goodnight, (raspberry).
Happy: That goes for me too!
Grumpy: (sniffs) Still smells like a circus up here.
Raspberry: (trumpets; falls off hammock)

(cut to Grim and Peaches, moon shifts to day, rooster crows)

(cut to The 7D’s cottage)
(bell rings)
Happy: Everybody up! Breakfast time!
Raspberry: (slurps, eating everyone’s soups)

(Grim and Peaches arrive at the 7D’s cottage)
Grim: Whoa, Peaches!
Peaches: (snorts, then faints)
Grim: (seeing that Peaches is exhausted) Nicely done, Peaches. It only took you ten hours to cart me half a mile. You rest up. (sees elephant tracks) A-ha! Elephant tracks goin’ in, but not comin’ out. (looks at the cottage windows) There are the 7D. But where’s that elephant? He’s got to be in there. They must have hidden it. I have to lure him out somehow.

(cut to Grim dressed in a peanut)
Grim: Peanuts! Get your peanuts here! For elephants only!
Grumpy: Sellin’ peanuts for elephants only when there are no elephants in Jollywood? That’s just nutty.
Dopey: (whistles)
Grim: Elephant-only peanuts here!
(Raspberry tries to walk out the door and sniffs)
Grim: Hello, dwarf. I’m Goober. And if you’d like a bag of fresh roasted peanuts, just bring out the elephant you’ve got hiding in there. You know, the elephant. Big, tall, gray, just like you with big ears like yours, and a long nose just like yours. If you see ‘im, send ‘im out here for peanuts. (Raspberry breaks his peanut suit, his underwear is then shown) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHH! AHH! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
(Raspberry steals all the peanuts from Grim)

(cut to Happy stacking the plates)
Happy: (hums)
Grumpy: Dopey, you know that big sapphire in the mine?
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: The one that’s too high to reach and too heavy to carry?
Dopey: (whistles)
Grumpy: You think, uh… (raspberry) would mind getting it for us?
Dopey: (whistles)
(him and Raspberry walk out of the cottage, along with the other dwarfs too)
Grim: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hey! I can count to eight! And since there are only seven D’s, not eight, one of them must be an elephant wearing a dwarf suit!

(cut to the 7D outside their mine with Raspberry carrying the sapphire)
Grumpy: Way to put your nose to the grindstone, (raspberry). (recognizes peanut and picks it up) Huh? A peanut. (camera zooms out to reveal all the other peanuts) They’re all over the place!
Grim: And… (traps Grumpy) gotcha, elephant!
Grumpy: (muffled whimper)

(cut to Hildy and Grim)
Grim: Your gallant Grim got you what you’ve always wanted, Hildy!
Grim: An elephant. (opens bag; Grumpy appears)
Hildy: Agh. That’s a funny-looking elephant.
Grim: That’s ‘cause he’s wearing a dwarf suit.
Hildy: Oh, okay.
Grumpy: I am not an elephant!
Hildy: A talking elephant? (walks to Grim) Oh, Grim, you’ve outdone yourself. (attempts to ride on Grumpy)
Grumpy: Oof!
Hildy: Giddy up, elephant! (riding on Grumpy)
Grumpy: Get off! Get off! Get off! Get off! (throws Hildy in the air, she screams and falls down on her bottom, Grumpy runs away)
Hildy: Oh, bats! My elephant ran away!
Grim: Don’t you worry, my devious diva. We’ll find him.

(cut to Grumpy trying to run away from the Glooms)
Grumpy: I look like an elephant in a dwarf suit? Ridiculous! Now, if I had a nose like (raspberry), then-- Waaiiiiii… Dopey!

(cut to the cottage, where Grumpy just bursts in)
Grumpy: The Glooms think I’m an elephant in disguise! But I’m not the elephant in a dwarf suit! Am I, Dopey?
(Dopey nods)
(Raspberry takes off his hat)
Sleepy/Sneezy: (raspberry) is an elephant?
Grumpy: Dopey, you agreed: no more critters!
Dopey: (whistles; blows raspberry, keeps whistling)
Doc: Dopey says he couldn’t just leave (raspberry) out in the forest alone all night. He didn’t have the heart to do that.
Grumpy: Aw, we would’ve done the same thing.
Dopey: (whistles; long raspberry)
Doc: Dopey says that he realizes (raspberry) belongs in the jungle with his mom and dad and all the other elephants. And that it’s up to us to take him there.
(Raspberry and Dopey hug)
Grumpy: The jungle, eh? Well, the Glooms are out there lookin’ for an elephant wearin’ a dwarf suit. But, I got an idea how to trick ‘em.

(cut to the outside of the cottage, the 7D are wearing elephant suits)
Happy: (giggles) Great idea, Grumpy.
Sneezy: (sneezes:) Achoo!
(camera zooms out to reveal the Glooms on their brooms)
Hildy: Grim! An elephant parade! Eight elephants!
Grim: Which one is ours?
Hildy: Who cares?! Just pick one!
Dwarfs: Huh?
Doc: (seeing the Glooms trying to grab them) Run for it! (they all try to run away)
Hildy: Ha! You can’t get away from--
(elephant trumpets; the Glooms run away in a panic)
Hildy: Fly away, Grim! Fly away!
Grim: Gladly!
(Raspberry returns to his parents. Dopey gives him one last hug.)
Dopey: (whistles; forms a heart with his fingers)
(Raspberry trumpets, and then walks away with his parents.)
Doc: Well done, 7D. Now, let’s head home.
Dopey: (whistles; burps)
(Walrus wearing a dwarf suit burps)
Grumpy: Well, pleased to meet you, (burp).
(Dopey winks)
(the end)

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