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This is the guidelines for The 7D Wiki. Please read and follow the guidelines. Thank you.'
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This page contains The 7D Wiki's Guidelines. It describes the style in which the articles on this wiki should be written and how the various formatting options should be applied.

Writing Guidelines


  • This wiki uses all of the same writing conventions found in Wikipedia:Manual of Style.
  • In general, content should be written in a style appropriate for an encyclopedia. Descriptions should be clear and precise; speculations or uncertain facts should normally be avoided.
  • Write in third person. Avoid using the word "you" in articles.
  • Do not be overly specific when writing, only as specific as necessary.
  • Avoid making assumptions in articles. Even if it is very obvious, unless it is mentioned in the series, you are not allowed to assume anything.
  • Use full sentences where possible.
  • Type out the word if the number is below 11.
    • Examples: 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten)
  • Try to avoid using contractions of any kind in articles.
    • Examples: isn't (is not), didn't (did not), can't (cannot).
  • Try to avoid using informal or simplified forms of words.
    • Examples: ammo (ammunition), anyways (anyway), irregardless (regardless).


  • American English is preferred on this wiki as it is the spelling used in the series. British English is also acceptable at times.
  • Colloquialisms, slang, l33t speak and other informal styles are not acceptable.
  • Series-specific words should always use the in-series spelling, even in episodes when it is incorrect.


  • Do not overlink. Generally, a page should be linked to from a given article only once, on its first occurrence. Links may be repeated if the first link is far up the page or if the manner the word is used in makes it necessary (e.g. in summary lists).


  • Do not add any attributions (like "written by XYZ") or dates ("written on 11/13/2016") to articles. An accurate record of all contributions to an article is available via its "History" page.



  • If you are new to wikis, you may want to have a look at this tutorial.
  • To learn the basics of editing a wiki, see Help:Editing.


  • Bold the article name the first time it appears in the article itself. Any alternative names should also be bolded at their first occurrence.
  • Keywords for which readers are likely to be scanning may be in bold for emphasis, but this should be used sparingly.
  • Avoid using bold formatting for general emphasis.


  • Italics can be used for general emphasis.
  • Italics should be used for the titles of books, comics, movies, games, albums, plays, or periodicals.
  • Italics may also be used when referring to foreign words or when mentioning a word as an example of a word rather than for its semantic content.


  • Avoid using ALL CAPS.
  • Avoid using quotation marks for emphasis.
  • Avoid bolding words for general emphasis.
  • Avoid using double emphasis (e.g. combining bold and italics).
  • Use emphasis sparingly and only when necessary.

Article Guidelines

What is an article?

An article should be a page (officially named) with a topic under the following categories:

  • An episode of The 7D
  • A character from The 7D
  • A voice actor from The 7D
  • A crew member working on The 7D
  • An object that appeared in The 7D
  • A location featured in The 7D
  • An event in The 7D
  • A featured song in The 7D

What should an article have?

For characters

Each character gets an article, except for those who appear in a group and doesn't perform any individual actions.

A character article should have:

  • An Infobox containing information about the character
  • A brief introductory section about the character
  • The character's appearance
  • The character's personality

You may also add a trivia section about the character.

Please note that most characters of The 7D that have a majority of screen time throughout the series have a lot of screenshots/images that warrant a separate gallery page. When adding a link to a gallery for those, type {{Gallery}} under the gallery section of a character's main page.

For episodes

Every episode gets an article. Each episode page should have:

  • An Infobox, including screenshot of title card of a segment, production code, writing and directing credits, links to the next and previous episodes, and U.S. Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel air dates of that specific episode
  • A synopsis that is a description of an episode taken from TV listing providers. When applicable, a guest star(s) mini-section should appear at the end of each synopsis.
  • Plot, which provide a recap of each segment. When applicable, a featured song and/or a running gag should appear at the end of each recap.
  • A link to a transcript of that episode. Type {{Transcript}} to create.
  • A link to a separate gallery of the episode. Type {{Gallery}} to create.
  • A trivia section
  • A goof section
  • A section listing all international premieres of an episode
  • A reference section. Type {{Reflist}} to provide references.

For songs

A song page must include:

  • Lyrics
  • A gallery that feature screenshots from the musical sequence
  • Featured video for the song (optional)
  • When available, please include a section that list the appropriate songwriter(s) and the song's publisher(s). Performing rights organizations ASCAP and BMI have online databases that you can search for the song title and its composers. If found, please include the work number.

For events, objects, and locations

A page for either must have:

  • An introductory section
  • Its role in an episode of the series in detail
  • A gallery section within the article



Verifiability is an important part of The 7D Wiki. Information is only verifiable when there's a reliable source cited. Here are the reliable and unreliable sources. When adding a reference to an external page, use this format: <ref name=disney></ref>. This will also allow the use the same reference later in the article. To do so, use <ref name=disney></ref>.

Reliable Sources

  • People from the crew's official Twitter
  • Official The 7D Facebook accounts
  • Disney XD
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Zap2it

Unreliable Sources

  • IMDb (user-generated content)
  • (user-generated content)
  • Other wikis (user-generated content; only reliable if cited with a reliable source)
  • Wikipedia (unless cited with a reliable source)
  • Fansites (unless cited with a reliable source)

What you should do

  • Write in paragraphs
  • Use punctuation
  • Link
  • Add sources
  • Add categories
  • Fix grammar
  • Use templates

What you should not do

  • Forget capitalization
  • Add lists of attributes
  • Leave blank articles
  • Vandalize articles
  • Add speculative information
  • Add non-canon information (e.g. saying that Doc's nickname is Smarty)
  • Add both appearance and personality in infoboxes
  • Insert copyrighted text from other wikis
  • Remove information simply because of spoilers (see The 7D Wiki:Spoilers)

Images Guidelines


You may upload images created using the .png, .jpg, and .gif formats. We strongly prefer large .png images due to its higher quality. If an image of good quality is found over an existing low quality one, it has to be replaced.

Naming conventions

We follow a naming convention for screenshots representing episodes and online games. Multiple images from a segment of an episode or an online game should contain the season number, episode number, followed by a description. Episode number refers to the number it is in the half hour code. Example:
s1e08a Jollywood Joe clucks.jpg

If you upload an image that isn't a screenshot, use a name that is appropriate.


When adding multiple images in a separate character or episode gallery or any article containing a gallery, please make sure you have them in correct order following the story in an episode as well as placing them in an appropriate section.

Screen bugs

If you upload an image that contains a screen bug (i.e., a television rating or a network logo), it should be considered temporary and it must be replaced when a new, clean image is being offered.


When uploading screenshots, provide the correct licensing information. The fair use template should be used.

What's appropriate

  • Screenshots from the series as well as official 7D online games
  • Promotional images from websites of any Disney cable network as well as official websites and/or Twitter feeds run by the series' crew members
  • Production material from the websites as described above
  • Images that are unrelated to the wiki, as long as they're used on your user page within seven days.

What's inappropriate

  • Photos of a TV screen showing an episode, as these are low quality images. Images must be created on a computer using a good quality video, created on mobile devices, or TV screen images captured with a capture card or any HD TV screen capturing device.
  • Watermarked images
  • Altered images
  • Images that are not relevant to the wiki (see also: What's appropriate)
  • Absolutely no nudity/pornographic material. Under Wikia's Terms of Use, anyone who posts such material will end up in an indefinite ban, being reported, or both.

Blog Guidelines

Acceptable blogs

  • Blogs where users introduce themselves.
  • Blogs related to the show at least (such as opinions on episodes or opinions on the show)
  • Blogs involving suggestions to the show or fan fictions.

Unacceptable blogs

  • Blogs that have no subject related to the show at all or don't follow the rules for the Acceptable Blogs.
  • Blogs that involve any swearing. They will later be altered by Admins.
  • Blogs that involve ranting/fights, such as if a user hates some other user and causes a fight.

Achievements Guidelines

  • Do not create nonsense blogs/comments or make fluff edits (minor, unnecessary edits, such as editing and then undoing your edits to boost your edit count) just to get badges. This is called "gaming the system" and you will be warned.
  • Achievements should not be rubbed in any other user's face. If so, please be prepared for a warning and if you feel this is happening to you, let an administrator know.


  • Use of this wiki is governed by these rules as outlined herein and by the Wikia Terms of Use as of its latest revision. The staff of this wiki reserves the right to change rules of use at any time without notice.