The 7D Main Title Theme
Artist(s) Parry Gripp
Composer(s) Parry Gripp
Tom Ruegger[1]
Length 0:41 (full version)
Publisher(s) Walt Disney Music Co.
Work no. ASCAP #889606318
"The 7D" Opening Sequence

"The 7D" Opening Sequence

The 7D Theme Song

"The 7D Main Title Theme"[1] is the show's theme song, mainly sung by Parry Gripp. Part of the lyrics were revealed during the Disney XD Animacation Summer Previews.[2]


Main intro version

Note: Lyrics in italics are cut out when shortened for Disney XD airings. These only show up in versions purchased on iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/YouTube and Disney Channel airings.

The 7D: Heigh Hoooooo!
Parry Gripp: Hi-ho, here we go now
Hi-ho, go with the flow now
Hi-ho, say hello now
It's time for The 7D
Happy's songs are always sunny
Sneezy's nose is always runny
Dopey's gags are always funny
Hi-ho, for the 7D
Bashful's shy
And Doc is bright
Sleepy snoozes day and night
Grumpy's wound up way too tight
Hi-ho, for the 7D

Hi-ho, yippy yip yello now
Hi-ho, hey hidey ho now
Hi-ho, here comes the show now
It's time for the 7D
Make way for the 7D
Heigh Ho!

End credit version

Disney XD version

Whoa, oh, whoa oh, whoa oh!
Heigh Ho to The 7D
Heigh Ho, here comes the flow now time for The 7D!
Heigh Ho!
Make way for The 7D!
Heigh Ho!

Disney Channel version

Heigh Ho!
Here we go now!
Heigh Ho!
Look out below now!
Heigh Ho!
We know you know now!
It's time for the 7D!
Heigh Ho!

Jollywood is their hometown,
They serve the queen and defend the crown!
They save the day, they never let you down!
Three cheers for the 7D!
Heigh Ho!

Heigh Ho!
Yippy yip yello now
Heigh Ho!
Hey hidey ho now
Heigh Ho!
Here comes the show now,
it's time for the 7D!
Heigh Ho!
Make way for the 7D!
Heigh Ho!

"The Littlest Giants" version

Parry Gripp: Heigh Ho! (Heigh Ho)
Here We Go Now, Heigh Ho!
Doc: So we went giant hunting.
Grumpy: Most of us did, Sleepy took a nap.
Sleepy: Hey, it's what I do!
Parry Gripp: Heigh Ho!



  • The theme song was shortened when the series aired on Disney XD in the US and a couple of international channels.
  • During the line "Hi-ho, hey hidey ho now," Doc, Sleepy and Dopey dance in a similar fashion to the Peanut gang from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • The sound "Heigh-Hooooo!" from the beginning of the theme song originated from the 1937 Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs one, when the gang are going to and from work. You can watch it here (at 1:19)
  • WATCH Disney XD uses the Disney XD version of the theme song, so the two lines exclusive to the iTunes/Amazon/Google Play/YouTube versions and Disney Channel broadcasts are gone.



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