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S2e17b stinky - cropped
Stinky, as he appeared in "Planks, But No Planks"
Character Information
Voiced by Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Family Smelly (wife)
Stenchy (son)
Stanky (daughter)
Enemies None

Stinky is a minor character who appeared in the episode "Planks, But No Planks".[1] He is named because of his unpleasant odor. He was a long lost member of the 7D. Years ago, Stinky fell into a river below, never to be seen again until the events of the episode.


Stinky wears a yellow shirt with a green tie and brown striped shorts with suspenders. His hair is brown and puffy, and his hat is orange with a green stripe around its brim and a flower on the top. His shoes are mahogany and pointed. Stinky's face is unshaven.

In the series

In "Planks, But No Planks", Doc was tasked with the construction of a suspension bridge to provide access to a new dog park in celebration of Sir Yipsalot's "bark-mitzvah" on a creek. He refused Sneezy's idea of using only a simple plank to cross the creek into the dog park; this leads to a sad story of how the 7D lost one of their own long ago. Stinky, the eighth dwarf, were behind his friends crossing a canyon with a plank. While the other dwarfs are already on the other side, Stinky was halfway through when the plank unfortunately snapped in half, sending him to the river below. The 7D then mourned the loss of their friend.

By the end of the episode, Doc relocated his suspension bridge to the same spot where Stinky was last seen after he determined that using a plank is best all along. Soon after, the bridge's new location has its first user: Stinky! Stinky and the 7D then reunited. Stinky survived his fall into the river; he lived at the other side of the canyon for years and eventually moved on to start a family. They all hug, but are still affected by his stinky odor.



  • Stinky is similar in appearance to the original design of Sneezy created by Noah Z. Jones while The 7D was under the development stage.
  • Considering the 7D change forms when the moon changes a different color as seen in "Once in a Purple Moon", it is implied that Stinky does have an alternate form.


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