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Sneezy - transparent background (Promotional)
Sneezy without blue pants - cropped (Season 1)
Sneezy with pants season 2 (Season 2)
Character Information
Voiced by Scott Menville
Nickname(s) Sneeze-man (by Grumpy, Sleepy, Big Bad Wolf)
Nose-boy (by Grumpy)
Hanky-boy (by Goldilocks)
Sneezer (by Grim)
Sneaky sneezer (by Hildy)
Occupation Miner
CSO (Chief Sneezing Officer) and Party Planner of Huffing Puffing Incorporated (Formerly)
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "The Long, Long Winter"
Last Appearance "A Sneeze in Time"
Family Grandpa Sneezy
Enemies Hildy Gloom
Grim Gloom
Bob the Squirrel
Big Bad Wolf
Dirk Dumphrey
Narrator: Pepper is terrified of him. His sneezes will blow you away. No, seriously. Stand back. When he goes "Achoo!," old countries say gesundheit. His last sneezing fit became a dance phase. He once sneezed at the beach and formed a sandcastle. Two thousand sand crabs live there now. Meet Sneezy.
Sneezy: (sneezes) Pleased to meet ya!

—From The 7D Mine Train app.

Sneezy is one of the seven dwarfs who protect Jollywood in The 7D. His sneezes are very powerful, though in some occasions it can also be very severe. In other occasions, he sneezes saliva instead of gusts of wind. In "Sneezin' Season," the 7D originally thought Grumpy's beard was the cause of Sneezy's gigantic sneezes; however, it turns out that Bob actually triggered the allergic reactions. He speaks with a nasally voice. He is voiced by Scott Menville.

Sneezy's leitmotif is "Nobody Sneezes Like Sneezy".

Physical appearance

Sneezy is, like the other dwarfs, short in size with pale, yellowish skin, messy brown hair, black eyes, and a large, pink nose. Sneezy sports a red and blue striped sweater with blue shorts underneath (blue pants as of Season 2;[1] see trivia below and infobox on right), brown shoes, with laces a blue green German Alpine feathered hat, a blue green scarf, and a hanky in his left sweater pocket. He is one of the two of the 7D without a beard; the other being Dopey.

In his prototype appearance, he has a small brown hat with a pink flower like Grumpy's, a yellow and orange striped long shirt, orange puffy hair and eyebrows, a green bowtie, pointy maroon shoes, and a smaller nose.

In "Once in a Purple Moon", Sneezy turned into a rag doll like creature. His rag doll like appearance consists of strips of orange hair, a salior version of his turquoise hat, midnight blue buttons for his eyes, a huge white collar, a navy blue bowtie, a midnight blue plaid shirt, nostrils instead of his usual big nose, greenish blue pants with golden buttons, navy blue socks, and white and navy blue shoes. He also had pink cheeks and a sewn in mouth, however, his mouth can open and close in the middle and he sitll retains his thick eyebrows.


Handkerchief Collection 3

Sneezy's beloved handkerchiefs.

Most of the time Sneezy sneezes frequently because he has many allergies, and he can be affected whenever he encounters an animal or flower. He even owns a prize hankie collection he's obsessed with as shown on "Welcome to the Neighborhood," and gets very upset when it's messed with as shown in "Goldilocks and the 7D." He's also the owner of a Hi-Ho Hankie. He gets along with most of the other dwarfs and is rarely one to anger, but is not without his limits as he loses patience with Goldilocks after she messes with his hanky collection and does not take kindly to deception, particularly shown when he comes up with a revenge ploy to teach the Big Bad Wolf a lesson after he learns the latter was using him. He does, however, become full of rage from being mistreated by the forest ranger in "The Enchanted Forest Ranger". He's also very helpful, which is shown in "Sneezin' Season," where he helps Grumpy pick Jolly Berries when two more trees showed up (the Glooms in disguise), and pulls/sneezes Sleepy to safety from the rampaging "giant" in "The Littlest Giants." He does have a sassy side; in "Delight Me, Delight Me Not", he's slightly jealous of Grumpy's surprisingly well imitation of Bashful's voice after Sneezy himself tried it.

While Bob causes Sneezy's allergies to be very severe, it's also shown in "Big Bad Sneezy" his hurricane like winds can destroy buildings during allergy season. He's even ashamed of the fact his sneezes affect the people he's supposed to protect, so he went away and finds himself working for the Big Bad Wolf to blow away the pigs' houses. But he later finds out that the wolf is using his ability to steal food from the pigs. After he confronts him, Sneezy learns that his sneezes can be used for good, and he uses it to that advantage by rebuilding homes for the affected pig families. In "Leaf It To Sneezy", it's implied that the feather in his hat is symbolic of his sneezes, and he loses it when Hildy robbed him of his ability, giving him "amsneezia". Sneezy's excellent bowling skills (as shown in "For the Love of Cheese") allow him to regain his ability to sneeze and the feather at Memory Lane. In addition to his bowling talent, he's also skilled in juggling as shown in "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps".


Sneezy when he turned into a rag doll like creature when the moon turned rainbow.

While Sneezy is allergic to many animals and some flowers, it's shown in "The Enchanted Forest Ranger" he is also allergic to the itchy bushes in the forest and gets a very severe rash throughout his body. He is known to nearly blow his top if he has to following rules that would make him suffer through his allergies, considered that "this is the worst day" of his life. In "A Sneeze in Time", he is allergic to the peppers inside Grumpy's Chilipeeney Peppereenie cheese; sniffing from it gives him the ability to travel through time along with his friends.

While it is unknown how he acts when he turns into a rag doll like creature in "Once in a Purple Moon" it is implied that Sneezy still retains his original personality in this form.


Sneezy has a pet griffin named Sniffy (in his only appearance) who debuted in "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day" after the 7D encouraged him to find a pet for the titular special day. Sneezy additionally displays a rarely-seen show of anger and protectiveness when the Glooms abduct Sniffy for their own evil purposes, confronting and defeating the duo entirely on his own to rescue his new pet and friend. Sniffy does not trigger Sneezy's allergies as he is hypoallergenic.




First concept of Sneezy (left) and final concept of Sneezy (right)

  • Of all the 7D, Sneezy (along with Dopey) has undergone the most changes to his design. The changes are:
    • Small brown hat with a pink flower (similar to Grumpy's) to a turquoise hat with a feather
    • Orange puffy hair to messy brown hair
    • Orange eyebrows to brown eyebrows
    • Smaller nose to bigger nose
    • Green bowtie to turquoise scarf
    • Light and golden yellow long shirt to blue and red long shirt
    • Pointy maroon shoes to rounder brown shoes
    • Removed freckles
  • Sneezy is the first of the 7D to disguise as female characters. He disguises as Queen Delightful with Dopey to save Sir Yipsalot from the Glooms in "Sir Yipsalot and the Goose," and disguises as Little Red Riding Hood to trick the Big Bad Wolf for tricking him into destroying Pig Sty Springs in "Big Bad Sneezy."
    • For both disguises, the Glooms and the Big Bad Wolf both discover that Sneezy posing as Queen Delightful and Little Red Riding Hood, respectively, have big noses as Sneezy does; they remember they originally didn't.
  • In "Once in a Purple Moon", Sneezy transforms into a rag doll creature under the moon's indigo light.
S1e19b Sneezy's Childhood Memories
  • Sneezy is the first of the 7D to have his childhood memories shown (right, in "Leaf It To Sneezy"). His is later followed by Grumpy's in "Funniest Haircut Day", Dopey's in "Whose Voice is it Anyway?", Happy's in "Giggleberries", and Doc's in "Smarty Tooth". He is also the first—and currently the only one—to have him appear in different ages as a child.
  • Although Sneezy regularly wears shorts as part of his standard clothing, there are several scenes throughout Season 1 he switches to wearing blue pants between shots, as it is a common animation error. However, the animators intentionally have him wearing the pants when he give out huge sneezes in episodes such as "Sneezin' Season" and "Big Bad Sneezy" and other poses so viewers know he always wearing something underneath his sweater. Sneezy's change to wearing pants has became permanent in the second season.[1]
  • Sneezy is the second of the 7D to defeat Hildy and Grim by himself without any assistance from his friends ("Take Your Pet to Lunch Day"). The first was Bashful in "The Big Bash".
  • Sneezy became a Dragon Scout First Class at the age of nine. ("The Enchanted Forest Ranger")
  • "The Enchanted Forest Ranger" is the first time that Sneezy is shown to have an allergy that does not make him sneeze, but rather make him scratch causing his skin to rash and without saff cream, his skin would swell up.
  • He seems to be Sleepy's best friend.
  • His old friend Stinky looks a bit like his old design.
  • He is the only member of the 7D whose hair is messy (unlike the rest who has curled hair). However, he used to have a curly hair when he was a baby in "Leaf It To Sneezy".
    • It is possible that he was born with a runny nose, as he was seen sneezing along with the other bubbles (which are the child versions of him) all at once, in the same episode.


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