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(open up on The 7D picking Jolly Berries in the orchard in front of the castle)

(Dopey and a squirrel are playing in the tree while Grumpy is picking Jolly Berries. Dopey whistles along to the squirrel's chippers)
Grumpy: Hey, Dopey. For the love of cheese, quit your goofing off with that squirrel. These Jolly Berries aren't picking themselves.
Dopey: (whistles)
(Dopey falls into the basket of Jolly Berries that Grumpy picked, with Dopey's weight on the same branch as Grumpy causes it to bounce. Grumpy loses his balance spinning around the branch and the squirrel laughs. Grumpy stopped spinning and is now hanging from his feet)
Happy: Hiya, Grumpy. Fun picking berries for Queen Delightful, isn't it?
Grumpy: It's a blast.
Bashful: Ooohh, and she's so nice to bake Jolly Berry pies for everyone in Jollywood.
(cut to Queen Delightful in her castle with Doc and Happy in the background wheel barrows full of Jolly berries)
Delightful: (To the viewers) The Jolly Berry Pie Festival was started by my great-great-great-great grandmother Queen Whimsical.
Sir Yipsalot: (yips)
Delightful: That's right, Sir Yipsalot. Once I stuffed Lord Starchbottom into a pie crust by mistake. (chuckles) Remember that, Lord Starchbottom?
Starchbottom: (from the giant pie) I remember it as if it happened moments ago, Your Majesty. (spits out some berries)

(cut to the Gloom's manor)
Hildy: Tomorrow, all of Jollywood will be gathered for the Queen's silly pie festival.
Grim: And once they get a whiff of our potion, they'll fall under our command.
Hildy: We'll be in charge of everyone, even the Queen will forced to do what ever we say.
Grim: Let's go over the ingredients.
(in a spell chant)
Hildy: The slim of newt...
Grim: The goo of frog...
Hildy: A smelly boot...
Grim: The drool of dog...
Hildy: Mix them together...
Grim: With just a dab...
Both: Of whiskers from a hairy crab.
Grim: Aw, nuggies, we're out of hairy crab whiskers.
Hildy: Lets hope the Crystal Ball can track some down. Crystal?
Crystal Ball: Crab whiskers, huh? Hey here's a twist of an old classic. Why did the crab cross the road? To get to the other tide. (laughs)
Grim: (laughs) Nice one, Ball.
Hildy: Find hairy crab whiskers.
Crystal Ball: Ooh, I'm sorry, it looks like your out of luck. Nearest location, ten-thousand miles away.
Hildy: (picking up the Crystal ball and starts shaking him around) Oh, this thing never works right!
Crystal Ball: Oh, wow! Reminder, made of glass, made of glass!
Hildy: (stops shaking the Crystal Ball and puts him back on the table) Find me a hairy crab in Jollywood now or I'll turn you into a snow globe.
Crystal Ball: Okay, I think I found what your looking for. (shows an illusion of Grumpy)
Grumpy: Quit goofing off, Dopey. Wake up, Sleepy, we got berries to pick!
Hildy: He's hairy.
Grim: He's crabby and he does have whiskers!
Both: Let's go! (they transport themselves with their wands)

(cut to the Jolly Berry orchard)
Grumpy: One last branch to pick and I'm done. (picks a berry and drops in to the wheel barrow Happy pushes but bounces out)
Happy: Doesn't it make you all happy inside when you finish something you set out to do?
Grumpy: No.
Hildy: To sneak up on those 7D make us Jolly Berry trees. (she and Grim turn into trees)
(As they sneak towards The 7D, the squirrel spots the trees and runs out of its previous tree and runs up Grim)
Grim: Ahh! Cold paws, cold paws. (the squirrel picks a berry from his disguise and eats it) Quit picking my berries!
Grumpy: Done. (as he picks the last berry from the tree, he spots the Glooms as they sneak towards him) Hey, those two trees weren't here a minute ago.
Sneezy: No prob, Grumpy, I'll help ya. (puts and climbs a ladder against the tree Glooms)
Grumpy: Well, thanks, Sneezy.
Sneezy: You're welcome. (picks a berry and the squirrel tries to take it back by pulling it, causing Sneezy to fall head first in the leaves of the fake tree, and by knocking Grumpy over but remains on the same branch. Grumpy pulls himself out of the tree with no berries)
(Sneezy gasps and sneezes)

(cut to Grumpy flying around Earth and landing on a kangaroo in Australia)
Grumpy: (To the vievers) Now you know why we call him "Sneezy".

(cut to Sneezy sneezing at the Glooms)
(cut to Grim, Hildy, and Bob flying in the air)
Grim: Return us to humans, both she and me, we both had enough of being a tree!
(both are turned back to their normal selves but now are falling towards to the ground)
Grim: Ahh! So we don't get hurty wurty, turn us into little birdies! So we don't get hurty wurty, turn us into little birdies!
(they land and Grim and Hildy are turned into birds)
Hildy: A teensy bit late with that birdy spell, my lushes. Turn me into a human again, NOW!
Grim: Okay, la bird.
(Hildy turns into a frog, toilet, and finally to herself emerging from a present box)
Hildy: (moans)
Grim: (turns back to himself) Now, what about the crabby whiskers?
Hildy: I have quite the idea brewing in this little noggin of mine. (laughs evilly)
Grim: (laughs evilly)
Bob: (laughs evilly)

(cut to Doc)
Doc: After we delivered the Jolly Berries to Queen Delightful, I decided to investigate what cause Sneezy's giant sneeze.

(cut to the 7D's cottage)
Doc: Everything looks normal in your nasal cavities, now let's check your allergies. Dopey, bring in the cat.
(Dopey brings in the cat and puts in under Sneezy's nose)
Doc: Normal. Goose feathers.
(Sneezy sniffs the goose feathers and then sneezes)
Doc: Normal. Wool.
(Sneezy sniffs the wool from three sheep in front of him and sneezes their wool)
Doc: Completely normal.

(cuts to the Glooms and Bob outside the 7D's cottage)
Hildy: He must be in there. (she turns herself and Grim into square bushes) We'll sneak up in our bush disguises and when Grumpo gets near the window, snip, snip, snip and we get whiskers from a hairy crab.
Grim: (chuckles) You bad.
Doc: I still have no clue on what brought on Sneezy's giant sneeze, and it's making me a little bit grumpy.
Happy: Speaking of Grumpy, where is he?
Grumpy: (speaking from outside the window in the kangaroo pouch) I'm home!
Sneezy: Hey, Grumpy, where did you get the kangaroo?
Grumpy: You sneezed me to Australia.
(Grim attempts to cut Grumpy's beard)
Sneezy: (sneezes)
(a gust of wind blows Grumpy, the kangaroo and the Glooms away in the air)

(cut to the Glooms and Bob flying in the air)
Grim: (spell chant) Return to themselves so we don't get hurty wurty, turn us into big old birdies!
(the Glooms transform into ostriches)
Hildy: Bet ya didn't know ostriches can not fly, did ya, lovey?
Grim: Is that right?
(they hit the ground)

(cut to Grumpy and the kangaroo landing in Antarctica, with a penguin on it)
Grumpy: What are you looking at?
Penguin: (blows a raspberry)

(cut to Doc)
Doc: It became clear to me that the problem here was Grumpy; Sneezy was allergic to him. So there was no choice but to keep Sneezy and Grumpy apart till I can find a cure.

(cut to Grumpy walking into town at night)
Grumpy: (To the viewers) Doc said I had to be the one to move out on the count that he needed Sneezy around for more tests, so I said I try to find a new place to live.

(Song: "Grumpy's Got the Blues")
Happy: Whoa, at the end of day,
Grumpy needs a place to stay
But whose?

He's got those...
Low-down, can't-find-a-home...
Uh-oh, it's-getting-dark...
Boogedie boo bah!
(song ends)

(cut to Queen Delightful's kitchen)
Delightful: Only four hundred more pies to bake for tomorrow's Jolly Berry Pie Festival.
Starchbottom: (sighs with exhaustion)
(Grumpy knocks on the door and Starchbottom answers it)
Grumpy: I need a place to bunk tonight.
(Starchbottom slams the door)
Delightful: Oh, who's at the door?
Starchbottom: Just the wind.
Grumpy: (knocks on the door again) It's me, Grumpy.
Delightful: Goodness, the wind sounds exactly like Grumpy. (opens the door)
Grumpy: Your Majesty, I need a place to stay tonight.
Starcbottom: (whispering) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...
Delightful: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You can share Lord Starchbottom's chambers.
(Starchy moans)
Grumpy: This will do. Dibs on the bed. (throws his case on the bed, and jumps on the bed and laughs, while Starchbottom sobs)

(cut to The 7D mourning for Grumpy moving out)
(knock on the door)
Happy: I bet that's Grumpy coming back to say good night.
(Dopey opens the door to the disguised Glooms and Bob. Grim bangs his head on the ceiling)
Hildy: (in an German accent) Good evening, 7D. I am Locata.
Grim: (in an German accent) And I am Avonbelle. Ve are the vondering dancing hair cutters, ja.
Happy: Who's the little guy?
Grim: Oh, that's Bob, the dancing hair cutting squirrel, ja.
Happy: Hiya, Bob! (shakes Bob's hand while Sneezy is about to sneeze near him)
Hildy: And tonight, you have been selected for free hair cuts.
Grim: Didn't you have a member of your troupe whose, like, exceptionally uber crabby?
Happy: Oh, you mean Grumpy. He moved out.
(Sneezy blows a huge gust of wind that reveal the Glooms' true identity)
The 7D: (gasps) The Glooms!
(Sneezy blows another gust of wind, sending the Glooms and Bob away from their cottage)
Doc: Hickory dickory me, Sneezy is allergic to the Glooms!
Bashful: That means Grumpy can come home!
Sneezy: Let's go find him.
Sleepy: (yawns) He's propably asleep by now.

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