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(opens up at the Glooms' manor)
Grim: Hildy, the Academy of Spookiness is handing out trophies today.
Hildy: Trophies?!
Grim: Uh-huh. For award-winning spells.
Hildy: Ooh, let me see! (imagines winning a trophy on her eyes) Pretty trophy. Me wanty.
(the Glooms look at a moving image on their newspaper that shows the reporter and Snazzy)
Guy: I'm outside the Shriek Auditorium where all eyes are on the frontrunner for Best Sleeping Spell -- Snazzy Shazam.
Hildy: Really?! Snazzy Shazam?!
Snazzy: Evidently my sleeping spell, where I put a hundred people people to sleep at one time, impressed everybody.
Grim: Hey, isn't she the one who did everything better than you in school? I mean, like, everything? You know, every little thing?
Hildy: Zip it, Grim!
(Grim's mouth makes a zipping noise; a zipper appears in place of his lips)
Hildy: At my seventh birthday party, when we were playing Pin the Tentacle on the Squid, Snazzy turned me into one! So, that witch is going to get a trophy for putting a record-breaking one hundred people to sleep under one spell? I. Don't. Think so. Crystal, how many people live in Jollywood?
Crystal Ball: A hundred and one people live in Jollywood. But, who's counting? Oh, that's right—you are.
Hildy: We'll cast a sleeping spell and we'll put all of Jollywood to sleep!
Grim: Ooh, let's see. So that's a hundred for her, a hundred and one for us, and that is a difference of one, two, three--
Hildy: One! We will beat her by one. And I'll get that trophy instead of her.

(cut to The 7D's jewel mine)
Dwarfs: (Whistling )
Sleepy: (snoring) Ooh.
Grumpy: Sleepy does more asleep than he does when he's awake!
Happy: Whoa, he's as busy as the birds and bees
But only when he's catchin' some Z's!!
Grumpy: Not while I'm holding a shovel.

(cut to the Glooms' manor)
Hildy: Come ON, Grim! Just pick a sleeping spell, and let's go!
Grim: But this spell doesn't work on people who are already asleep!
Hildy: Good enough! It's the middle of the day—everyone is awake. Let's go.
Grim: All righty, let me jot down the spell.
(Grim and Hildy are transported to the top of a mountain)

(cut to Mount Jollymanjaro)
Grim: Here, from Jollywood's highest peak, heed the magic words I speak! If you are awake, now be a sheep!
(thunder claps)
(the villagers turn into sheep)
Villagers: Baa! Baa! Baa! Baa!
(camera zooms to Grim and Hildy)
Hildy: Give me that! (looks at the paper) It says "asleep", not "a sheep"!
Grim: Oops.
Hildy: Yeah, oops. From down on the ground to the highest steeple, turn them from sheep, back into people!
(villagers turn normal again)
Hildy: Here, from Jollywood's highest peak, heed the magic words I speak! If you are awake, now be asleep!
(thunder claps again)
(villagers snore)

(Cut to Queen Delightful's castle. The Queen and Lord Starchbottom are asleep, with Starchy's hands on the opened pickle jar, and his face falls into it)
Sir Yipsalot: (suddenly wakes up) Yip yip!

(cut to the 7D's mine; the dwarfs are fast asleep)
(Sleepy yawns as he wakes up)
Sleepy: Felt good to get a little nap in. Now, I can get a little work done before my next nap.
(sees the rest of the dwarfs are snoring)
Sleepy: Winkers! What are y'all doin' asleep?

(cut to the Glooms flying on their brooms)
Hildy: We did it, we did it, we did it!
Hildy/Grim: Nosy, nosy, nosy!
Grim: Hey, want to take a little head count, make sure we got all hundred and one?
Hildy: No! Everybody's asleep. It's time to go out-snazz Snazzy.
Grim: Ooh, my darling of darkness! You look delicious. (uses magic wand, changes his outfit to scuba gear) Hey, how about that?
Hildy: Unhh! (changes Grim's outfit to a tux) You'd be so lost without me.

(cut back to the mine, the dwarfs except Sleepy are seen snoring. He tries to wake them up by making loud noises such as ringing an alarm clock, blowing an air horn and parachutes from above playing Mariachi music, but to no avail)
Sleepy: We got a problem here. I wonder what Doc would do.
(Doc appears in Sleepy's thought bubble)
Doc: Whenever I get stuck on a problem, I always go ask for help.
Sleepy: Good idea, Doc! (runs outside the mine and towards to the village) Help! Help! Heeelp!!!

(cut to the village)
Sleepy: (gasps) Everybody's asleep! Am I dreaming? (pinches his cheek) Yow! No.

(cut to Delightful's castle)
(Starchy snores)
Yipsalot: (runs out to the balcony) Yip yip yip! Yip yip yip! Yip yip yip! Yip yip yip!
(on the balcony, Yipsalot presses a button on the wall to ring the Bing-Bong Bell)

(cut outside to Sleepy)
Sleepy: The Bing-Bong Bell! Queen Delightful is awake!

(cut to Sleepy walking into the Throne Room)
Sleepy: The 7D at Your Majesty's service! Well, actually, it's just me, Sleepy, the 1D, at Your Majesty's service. (notices Delightful and Starchy sleeping) Sleep got to both of you, too? So, who's ringing the bell? (the Bing-Bong Bell rings again; Sleepy runs over to the balcony, to Sir Yipsalot) Hey, you're a smarty!
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip!
Sleepy: I think you and I are the only ones awake, Sir Yipsalot.
(Sir Yipsalot whimpers)
Sleepy: This is a bad situation.
(Grumpy appears in Sleepy's next thought bubble)
Grumpy: If somethin' bad is goin' on, you can bet the Glooms are behind it.
Sleepy: The Glooms!
Sir Yipsalot: (yips fearfully)

(cut to Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot at the Glooms' manor)
Sleepy: Looks like nobody's home. (notices the spell book on the floor) It was the Glooms! They put everybody to sleep! "The sleeping spell must be broken by sundown, or everyone asleep under the spell will...sleep forever?! (gasps) Oh! Blinkers! Wait. Here's the "undo it" spell. "From the highest mountain peak, before the day is done, these magic words you must speak: 'Stop snoozin', everyone.'"

(cut to Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot at Mount Jollymanjaro)
Sleepy: Mount Jollymanjaro! We've gotta climb that?!
Sir Yipsalot: Eek!
Sleepy: I don't know if I can do it, Sir Yipsalot. I'm scared!
(Happy appears in Sleepy's next thought bubble)
Happy: When I'm afraid of something, I sing about it, and my fear disappears!

(Song: "Gonna Break the Sleeping Spell", first part)
Sleepy: I'm climbing a mountain.
Birds: He's climbing a mountain
Sleepy: I'm singing a tune.
Birds: He's singing a tune
Sleepy: I'm climbing a mountain.
Birds: He's climbing a mountain
Sleepy: Gonna get there soon.
Birds: Gonna get there soon
Sleepy: I'm climbing a mountain.
Birds: He's climbing a mountain
Sleepy: And I'm feelin' swell.
Birds: He's feelin' swell
Sleepy: And at the top of that big mountain, I'm gonna break...
Birds: He's gonna break
Sleepy: ...The sleeping spell.
Birds: Good luck
(song ends)

(cut to the contest)
Emcee: (speaking lazily) And for the best Ants In My Pants spell, the trophy goes to Fidelia Lovelia. Interesting. (from the audience)
Hildy: Hey, Snazzy. We cast a sleeping spell that put the whole village of Jollywood to sleep. That's one hundred and one people.
Snazzy: Oh, really?
Hildy: So put that in your cauldron and brew it. I broke your record, and I'm getting the Best Sleeping Spell (excited) tro-phy!
Snazzy: I don't think so. Did you know somebody is still awake in Jollywood?
Hildy: What?!
Snazzy: Johnny Sage saw it! He got a psychic eye! (to Johnny) Show her, Johnny!
(Johnny reveals his third eye)
Hildy: Gross!
Grim: Eehhhh.
(Johnny reveals that Sleepy and Yipsalot are still awake)
Hildy: It's Snoozy! We'll fly back to Jollywood, put that snoozer to sleep, and get back in time to get my trophy.

(cut to Hildy and Grim riding on their brooms)
Hildy: Where is he? Find him, Grim!
Grim: Aaahh, uh...
Sleepy: Winkers! The Glooms!
Grim: Oh! There he is, my dastardly dumpling!
Sleepy: What do I do now?
Bashful: (in Sleepy's thought bubble) HIIIIIIIIIIIDE!
Hildy: Sleeping spell I cast on thee, go to sleep immediately!
Sleepy: (hiding behind rock to deflect beam) I sure wish I knew what to do now!
Sneezy: (in Sleepy's thought bubble) Whenever I'm put to the test, I just do what I do best! (sneezes) Achoooo!
Sleepy: What is it I do best?
Sir Yipsalot: Yip! (starts snoring)
Sleepy: Fine time to take a nap, Sir Yipsalot! Y--- oh! I get it! (falls over and starts sleeping)
Hildy: (looking through her spyglass) It worked! He's asleep! Now, let's get back to my moment of glory!
Sleepy: Ha! We tricked 'em!
Sir Yipsalot: Yip, yip yip!
(Sleepy sees the bridge and gulps, he starts crossing, the bridge starts collapsing)
Sleepy: Whoa!
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip yip yip yip, yip yip!
(the bridge collapses, leaving a ladder for Sleepy and Yipsalot to climb up)
Sleepy: WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, no! (gulps) Nowhere to go but up. (starts singing "Gonna Break the Sleeping Spell") I'm climbing a rope ladder...
Goats: He's climbing a rope ladder
Sleepy: Gotta keep a tight grip...
Goats: He's gotta keep a tight grip
Sleepy: I'm climbing a rope ladder
Goats: He's climbing a ladder
Sleepy: Hope I don't slip...
Goats: And he better not slip
Sleepy: I'm climbing a rope ladder...
Goats: He's climbing a ladder
Sleepy: And I'm feelin' swell...
Goats: He's feelin' swell
Sleepy: And at the top of that rope ladder, I'm gonna break...
Goats: He's gonna break
Sleepy: ...The sleeping spell!
Goats: Sleeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeep tight!
Sleepy: Well, the sun is setting, Sir Yipsalot! We're runnin' out of time!
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip!
(they run up the mountain)
Sleepy: We made it to the top!
(the wind is blowing, Sleepy takes a view of Jollywood)
Sleepy: Well, here goes: STOP SNOOZIN', EVERYONE!!!
Sleepy's echo: ...EVERYONE!!!...EVERYONE!!!...
(the other 6D wake up)
(the rest of everyone in Jollywood wake up)

(cut to Queen Delightful's castle, Delightful and Starchy are snoring, but they stop snoring after waking up, Delightful eats her pickle)
Delightful: Lord Starchbottom, are you eating pickles right out of the jar?
Starchbottom: (wakes up) Bleahh! Oh! I'm sorry. How rude of me!
Delightful: (dips face in jar; voice pitched) I like eating pickles this way.

(cut to Sleepy and Yipsalot)
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip yip!
Sleepy: Yup yup yup! We did it!

(cut to the awards show)
Emcee: And now, the award you've all been waiting for. For putting...
Hildy: Me. Me. Mine mine mine mine... (etc.) Me! Me! It's gonna be mine!
Emcee: (said during Hildy's line) ...a record number of people to sleep.
Hildy: Trophy is mine!
Emcee: The trophy goes to... (Hildy is in suspense) Me!
(Hildy is seen from the audience with a sad face, Grim is shocked too.)
Hildy: What?!
Emcee: My spellbinding performance has bored a hundred and fifty people to sleep... (camera zooms out, everyone is snoring) right here in this auditorium.
Snazzy: You lose again, Hildy!
Hildy: You lost too, Snazzy Shazam!
Snazzy: Here's lookin' at you, Squid! (turns Hildy into a squid)
Hildy: Not again!
Grim: Ugghhhh!
Hildy: Ew! Ew, ew, ew!

(cut to Delightful's castle)
Delightful: For breaking the sleeping spell cast over our kingdom, I present Sleepy with the Golden Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Award. And Sir Yipsalot gets a pickle!
Sir Yipsalot: Yip yip!
Other 6D: Yip, yip yooray for Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot!
Sleepy: But we didn't do it alone. Whenever I didn't know what to do, I thought of you, and you, (starts falling to sleep) and you... and-- (snores on the floor)
(The dwarfs carry Sleepy)
The 7D: Heigh-ho!
(the end)

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