"But we didn't do it alone. Whenever I didn't know what to do, I thought of you, and you ... and you ... and ... (snores)"

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Season 1, Episode 7A*
Sleepytime title card
Half hour production code: 106A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate July 15, 2014
Disney Channel airdate September 19, 2014
Disney Junior airdate February 3, 2015
Disney Junior on Disney Channel block airdate February 18, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Charles Visser
Written by Deanna Oliver
Storyboards by Carson Kugler
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Gnome Alone"
Suceeded by →
"Goldilocks and the 7D"

"Sleepytime" is an episode that premiered on July 15, 2014 with "Goldilocks and the 7D" on Disney XD.[2] This episode was available to verified members of Watch Disney XD before it aired.

It is the thirteenth episode in the series.


Hildy casts a sleeping spell that puts everyone in Jollywood in a deep sleep except for Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot, who are the only ones left to save the town from an eternal sleep.[3]


The episode opens at the Glooms' manor. Grim and Hildy are reading a newspaper and they come across a news item about Snazzy Shazam being the frontrunner for an award for the most people put to sleep by a single magic spell (a hundred). Hildy wants to best Snazzy's record and, since Jollywood's population is only 101 people as told by her Crystal Ball, she would definitely win. Atop Mount Jollymanjaro, the Glooms are set to cast their sleeping spell. However, Grim turns the people of Jollywood into sheep because he misread the word "sleep". Hildy corrects his blunder and finally the citizens were sleeping.

The 7D are working hard at their jewel mine, and they soon fell asleep, but Sleepy is already napping. He later woke up to find his fellow dwarfs are sleeping, but unable to wake up. He ran into the village for help but he witnessed everyone sleeping. Suddenly, he hears the Bing-Bong Bell and thought that Queen Delightful is awake. It is actually Sir Yipsalot who rang the bell, since the Queen and Lord Starchbottom also dozed off, and he was already asleep when the spell was cast, too. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot then worked together to figure out the mystery.

After Hildy and Grim are on their way to the awards ceremony at Shriek Auditorium, Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot arrive at the manor. They found the open book the Glooms used to cast the spell. The spell used guarantees enternal slumber, but it can be reversed: Shouting "Stop snoozing everybody!" at the top of Mount Jollymanjaro by sundown will wake up everyone. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot then traveled to the mountain to break the spell. However, Sleepy struggles over what he should do to save the day throughout his journey since the rest of the dwarfs aren't with him, but he gains inspiration from them on his thought bubble.

At the awards, Snazzy ribs at Hildy as usual, and show the Glooms that Sir Yipsalot and Sleepy are still awake from a three-eyed man who sees everything (or else Hildy won't win the award). The Glooms temporarily left the ceremony to make sure Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot go to sleep. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot saw the Glooms at the mountain, and as they are behind a rock, Hildy cast her sleeping spell and it hit the rock. Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot then pretended they're asleep, giving the impression that the spell hit them. As the Glooms went away, Sleepy and Sir Yipsalot finally reached the top of Mount Jollymanjaro at sundown and shouted for everybody to stop snoozing. Everyone woke up from their slumber.

Back at the awards ceremony, the award for the person who put the most people to sleep is actually awarded to the awards presenter because his dull and boring voice made 150 people in the audience dozed off. Snazzy tells Hildy that she's being bested again, though Hildy reminded that they both lose. Next, Snazzy turns her into a squid. At the castle, Queen Delightful gives Sleepy the Golden ZZZZZZZ Award for saving the kingdom and a pickle to Sir Yipsalot. During his acceptance speech, he dozes off that end the episode.

Featured Song


  • This is one of the few episodes to have one word in its title.
  • The only possible reason why Sir Yipsalot was never got effected by the sleeping spell is because he uncontrollably panicked and was in terror.

Cultural References


  • In the scene where Hildy scolds Grim on his blunder on casting the sleeping spell, the closed captions erroneously display her saying "ays 'asleep', not 'a shee'" instead of "It says 'asleep,' not 'a sheep'."


International Premieres

  • October 19, 2014 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • October 19, 2014 -- (Disney Channel Italy)
  • December 15, 2015 -- (Disney XD Poland)


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