Seven Sages
S1e24 peacefully guarding rock of sages
Character Information
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Enemies Lord Grudgemunger

The Seven Sages are a group of dwarfs that appeared in the season one finale "The Rock of Sages". They were responsible for the creation of a powerful gem, the Rock of Sages, comprised of seven colored parts. The Seven Sages, with the gem brought magic to what is now known as the kingdom of Jollywood.

Physical appearances

The Seven Sages are very similar in appearance of each of the 7D. They wear robes and hats, each with a specific color scheme.

In the series

One day, the Seven Sages meet inside a cave, with each of them carrying a piece of a different color. One of the sages (which resembled Sneezy) accidentally sneezed towards the gems, and together each piece formed the Rock of Sages. The Seven Sages are in awe of its massive power. They then used the Rock of Sages to usher in a new land, which became Jollywood.

Later, the gem is stolen by the wicked wizard Lord Grudgemunger, and he uses it to erase all magic around the kingdom as well as draining its color in the process. The Seven Sages defeated Grudgemunger by tricking him to handing the gem back to the dwarfs. They then restored magic and color back to Jollywood. Fearing that Grudgemunger will continue to plot on getting back the Rock of Sages, the Seven Sages broke up the gem and hide each piece in each of the seven corners, never to be seen again until the present day.