Running Gags Gallery Fourth Walls

Here is the list of running gags used in The 7D.

Season 1

The Long, Long Winter

  • The Glooms made kissy noises several times in the episode. After they done so over the queen's throne early in this episode, Grumpy says "Kissy noises?" to Queen Delightful in disgust and she responded with "I know, right?" three times.
  • Happy singing annoying songs and Grumpy responding "Does he have to be behind me?"

Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters

  • Grumpy seeing Grim as a spider and yelling "BIG SPIDER!!!" in horror.

Sneezin' Season

  • The Glooms as well as Grumpy are flying into the air each time by Sneezy and falling into the ground below (sans Grumpy). A similar gag appeared in Gnome Alone, in which their mishaps lead them to intrude in a bird's nest with baby birds and then forced out by its mother, sending the villains to hit the ground three times.

The Delightful Diamond Mystery

  • Whenever Sir Yipsalot hears the word "fetch", he fetches the object out of someone's hands that shapes round.

The Big Bash

  • Bashful helping the townspeople.


  • Lord Starchbottom stalling Queen Delightful.
  • Queen Delightful saying "Back to the castle!".

Welcome to the Neighborhood

  • Dopey surprising the Grins with either Bashful yelling "Pop goes the weasel!" or a bear wearing Bashful's hat.

The Littlest Giants

  • Dopey eating all of Grumpy's food, which is similar to the gag in "The Delightful Diamond Mystery"  where Dopey is seen mimicking Grumpy during the epilogue.

Gnome Alone

  • The Glooms find themselves inside a bird's nest and falling towards the ground after being kicked out by its mother. A similar gag appeared in "Sneezin' Season", in which Sneezy's sneezes sends the Glooms flying then falling to the ground below several times.

Let's Get Organ-ized

Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre

  • Whenever someone says "candy corn," Happy and Grandpa Happy would sing "Candy Corn". The gag is similar to another gag in "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" whenever Lord Starchbottom or someone says "knick knack," he rolls down the hill.

Bathtub Bashful

  • Lord Starchbottom bashes his head several times because of the very low ceiling of The 7D's cottage.

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

  • Lord Starchbottom had to literally roll down the hill and injure himself each time he or someone else said "knick knack" because of a game Queen Delightful created based on the nursery rhyme while she also gives a bone-shaped dog treat to Sir Yipsalot (she is very literal minded when it comes to jokes). Also, every time Starchy said or heard "knick knack", he got scared because he knew he would have to roll down a hill (The 7D join him at the final time to close out the episode).

Grim the Dragon

  • A nurse appears when called upon by Grumpy and Hildy to tend to their injuries and give them lollipops.

Free Teensy

  • Cappy appeared a few times to warn Grumpy about the Jolly-Go-Jumbo fish, and Grumpy reminds him that he has something on his nose.

The Jollywood Jam

  • Grumpy complained a few times in the episode that he has numb lips.


  • Happy broke the fourth wall by telling Starchy about how he loves the running gag of the episode which is The 7D jumping to Starchy after being scared.

The Very Important Thingy

  • The 7D (except for Doc) tries to be quiet but fails each time, and Doc finding some place to have quiet and creatures would be singing.

Leaf It To Sneezy

  • Happy is seen four times playing suspenseful chords with the Royal Pipe Organ to show awful things happen (the first three times) and the reason why Sneezy gets his ability to sneeze back—by having a feather on his cap (the final time). Another gag is that Starchbottom goes between conscious and unconscious whenever he sees something horrible.

7 Frogs

  • Each of the witches want to kiss Grumpy first, and he complains each time. Another running gag has Bashful shout out loud "We're gonna be frogs forever!" each time they fail to break the spell. This is also uttered by the Glooms at the end of the episode.

Sir Yipsalot and the Mutt

  • Grumpy mentions that he needs salve the next time he has an itch, leading to an conversation among the gang that goes way off-topic. This happens again at the end of the episode when Delightful and Sir Yipsalot go into itchweed bushes.

Season 2

When Pigs Fly

  • Lord Starchbottom and the Glooms get spitted on their faces each time a villager drinks the Brussels sprout-baloney-banana smoothie. Sneezy will also offer his Knee Neck Napkin to Lord Starchbottom and Grim after it happened.

Take Your Pet to Lunch Day

  • Whenever someone says "speak", Sniffy breathes out fire.

What Are You, Five?

  • Doc saying "evidently".
  • Queen Delightful ringing the Bing Bong Bell, with the 7D being alerted to it. But everytime, they will get distracted by Grim's goofs.

Game of Grumpy

  • The 6D head to Ginorma just to give her a kiss multiple times.

The Jollywood Games

  • Every time Flappy mentions anything related to Waffle Chalet, a splash commercial of Waffle Chalet, together with its jingle, appearing seven times, the singer going faster as the commercial would replay; making Lord Starchbottom annoyed time by time.

There's a Monkey in My Hat

  • When Queen Delightful feeds bananas to Hildy (disguised as a monkey), the latter spits them.


NOTE: All of these occurred in one episode.

Notable Innuendos

Inappropriate sexual innuendos shown in the series.

  • Frankengloom: When Pied Piper said "I'll be there with bells on!", Delightful said to herself "Oh. I hope he wears more than that". Delightful thought that Pied will show up naked and only with bells. She even sound embarrassed when she finished her call.
  • Hildyrella: The opening scene shows Grim seemingly mouth watering over the sight of Hildy wearing her special dress, but it turned out that he's only interested on a plate of cupcakes. The background music that played over the scene is quite inappropriate.
  • Big Bad Sneezy: Sneezy broke the fourth wall and sneezed on the screen, with Happy wiping it with a towel and Dopey using a squeegee to clean the screen and Happy said "Clean as a whistle!".
  • Surely You Jest: Dopey placed one of the posters over a heavyset woman's rear end and smirks at the audience.


Censorships in particular scenes or dialogues in episodes.

  • Funniest Haircut Day: In Disney Channel Asia, the scene where the people laughed at little Grumpy after his hair bursted out in the salon has been cut for an unknown reason.
  • Take Your Pet to Lunch Day: When this episode aired in Southeast Asia, the word "heck" said by Sleepy (That's one heck of a pet) has been cut and has been shortened to "That's a pet" for an unknown reason. Thus, not syncing his mouth to the dialogue.
    • The same thing happened to the music sequence of Take Your Pet to Lunch Day , when Happy sang the line "Might as well bring the whole darn zoo", the word "darn" was muted and shortened to "Might as well bring the whole zoo".
      • Curiously, they never applied the said thing when Grumpy said the word "heck" in "Buckets".

Frequent Running Gags

  • Bashful: Hiding somewhere and popping out of nowhere. He can also have a tendency to be very shy around others.
  • Doc: Saying "It's my latest invention" or "With my latest invention", and presenting his latest invention. He is sometimes seen doing the process of building it as well.
  • Dopey: Either doing comedic stuff to make people satisfied, or playing with his animal friends.
  • Grumpy: Showing his love for cheese and being cranky all the time.
  • Happy: Singing songs perfect for the situation they were currently facing, making Grumpy annoyed at times.
  • Sleepy: Eyes being half closed and sleeps all the time.
  • Sneezy: Blowing up gusts of wind by sneezing willingly, or sneezing saliva.
  • Queen Delightful: Having ditsy moments.
  • Lord Starchbottom: Showing clumsiness.
  • Sir Yipsalot: Showing his love for pickles.
  • Crystal Ball: Telling bad puns regarding the situation.
  • Hildy: Setting off plans to take over Jollywood.
  • Grim: Showing strokes of stupidity.