S1e01b The Glooms Steal the Ruby 12

The Royal Ruby is among the many gems found inside The 7D's jewel mine. It is used to make anyone in possession to become a king or queen if asked. It first appeared in "Gnome Alone".

In the Show

In "Gnome Alone", Grim and Hildy learned of the Royal Ruby through their Crystal Ball while watching The 7D. They plan to get the ruby to rid of Queen Delightful and install Hildy as Jollywood's new monarch. Donning disguises, the Glooms duped the 7D into a vacation away from their mine. However, they unintentionally left Sleepy behind, who is asleep. After many obstacles the Glooms faced (by an unaware and sleepwalking Sleepy), they finally got their hands on the Royal Ruby. The dwarfs returned after noticing Sleepy's absence, and the Glooms are on their way to the queen's castle. With the Royal Ruby, the Glooms are ready to upstage Queen Delightful, but are foiled by Sleepy.