Rock of Sages (object)
The Rock of Sages 2
Name Rock of Sages
Purpose To serve as the source of all magic in Jollywood
Type Magical gem
First appearance "Welcome to the Neighborhood"

This article is about the gem. For the episode, see The Rock of Sages.

The Rock of Sages is a magical gem that appears in "Welcome to the Neighborhood". It later became the focus of the first season finale of the same name.


The Rock of Sages is shown differently between its two appearances. In "Welcome to the Neighborhood", has an orange base color and flashes a variety of colors of the rainbow. In the episode "The Rock of Sages", it's very large and diamond shaped. It's also made out of seven solid colored gems -- each one color of the rainbow.


Welcome to the Neighborhood

According to the Glooms, the Rock of Sages holds immense power which can supposedly allow any wizard who gets their hands on it to dominate all before. It's hidden deep inside the 7D's jewel mine. It's implied that the dwarfs falsely denied the gem's existence in "Welcome to the Neighborhood" because they don't want it end up in the wrong hands due to the gem's reputation.

The Rock of Sages

"The Rock of Sages" in the first season finale played a very important role in the founding of Jollywood before the 7D's time. Many years ago, the land of what is now Jollywood was bleak, devoid of color and nearly empty. When the seven gems combined to form a single, large diamond-shaped gem by the Seven Sages, it unleashed immense magical power and color, and many creatures and more dwarfs began to co-exist in the new kingdom.

In the series

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The Glooms disguise themselves as dwarf neighbors -- the Grins -- in order to gain access to the 7D's jewel mine and steal this stone with evil intentions. After enduring the 7D's obnoxious lifestyle, Grim finally gets Happy to take him and Hildy into the mine. During the tour, they stumble across a suspicious door which Happy says is off-limits for their own good. Certain that the stone is behind the door, the Glooms reveal themselves and chase after Happy. Eventually they get the key and unlock the door, only to end up in a garbage drainage channel that sends them into a foul chamber. However, amongst all the muck, the Glooms notice a bright shine and head towards it, only to be greeted by a big dragon that chases them into the recycling chutes. During the whole time, the 7D show no sign of being aware that the stone is in their mine. But after the Glooms are defeated, it's revealed that the dragon that chased them out is in fact guarding it.

The Rock of Sages

In the special The Rock of Sages, each piece of the gem are from the seven corners brought together by the Seven Sages to form the Rock of Sages to bring magic into the land now called Jollywood. Until it was stolen by the evil wizard Lord Grudgemunger who used it drained the land of its magic and color, the Seven Sages manage to trick the wizard to retrieve the gem and split it into seven gems and hid them carefully so it would never be used by Lord Grudgemunger.

Its power is said to had halted the eruption of Mount Jollywood that had been turned into a volcano. To obtain each piece of the Rock of Sages each of the 7D were tasked by an ancient scroll to adventure on their own to the seven corners. Each gem can be found by their talents. Once the 7D have all pieces and form the Rock of Sages, Grudgemunger reemerges to steal it again and removed all magic of Jollywood, making him powerful and created a monster out of the volcano to attack the 7D. Grudgemunger is tricked again because of Dopey's rewrite of his storybook, which makes the wizard powerless, and the Rock of Sages is dismantled with each of its pieces returned to their respective locations.

Each gem are a different color and hidden in the seven corners of the world:
Green: The Black Diamond Dunes
Blue: The Leaning Tower of Mattresses
Orange: Sycamores of Shh
Violet: The Venomus Vines of Vamoose
Indigo: Hidden in the Conical Cap of Truth (Doc's hat)
Yellow: At the hills that yell a lot
Red: The most magical place of all (the 7D's jewel mine)

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