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S1e17b peaches snorts
Character Information
Occupation The Glooms' pack animal
Gender Female
Eyes Yellow
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "Sneezin' Season"
"Surprise" (first mentioned by name)
Last Appearance TBA
Enemies The 7D
Queen Delightful
citizens of Jollywood

Peaches is a huge warthog[1] and Grim Gloom's slow pack animal.

Physical appearance

Peaches is a large brown hog with yellow eyes and two long teeth pointing upwards.


Peaches appears to be quite loyal to the Glooms, always transporting them and any important cargo. That said, while she is strong, she is also rather slow which can make things problematic for her masters.

In the series

Peaches serves as their beast of burden in the series with the following:

  • In "Sneezin' Season", she took the Glooms and their spell-making pot to Jollywood.
  • In "Surprise", Grim used her to make his getaway from the 7D after stealing the party decorations. Her slow pace allowed the 7D to catch them though.
  • In "Sir Yipsalot and the Goose", she waited (with Hildy in tow) for Grim to return from Queen Delightful's castle after she abducted Sir Yipsalot.
  • In "Let's Get Organ-ized", she carried the Glooms' magical organ to the castle.
  • In "The 8th D", she took ten hours to cart Grim to The 7D's cottage to get an elephant for Hildy.
  • In "The Jollywood Jam", the Glooms are probably aware of Peaches' extremely slow speed, so they added roller skates on her to get them to the Jollywood Bowl faster. But she and the Glooms lost control of the wagon and they separate, leaving behind the wagon with Glooms and crashed into the 7D at a crossroads.
  • In "Frankengloom", the Glooms wanted to trade her in to a salesman while on the way to Queen Delightful's castle; instead they keep Peaches and are given a pig named Cream. The two began to fall in love, while still traveling slowly. Cream is only seen in this episode so far.
  • In "Finders Keepers" she, along with Grumpy's goat Gizelle, got trapped into Lost Acres by Finders Keeper's cousin Sid. Grumpy and Grim then have to work together to get their pets back through a game show put on by Finders Keeper.
  • In "Which Witch is Which?", she accidentally used Hildy's duplicating wand to duplicate Hildy.


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