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Magic Mirror
The Delightful Diamon Mystery 2 (Normal/Mirror form)
The magic mirror's human form (Human form)
Character Information
Voiced by Whoopi Goldberg
Occupation Magic
Gender Female
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "The Delightful Diamond Mystery"
Last Appearance "Giggleberries"
Enemies Hildy and Grim

The Magic Mirror is a magical, talking object that lives at Queen Delightful's castle. She serves the Queen daily and has a special room that also include many objects.

Physical appearance

The Magic Mirror's golden-colored facial features resemble her real-life voice actor, Whoopi Goldberg. She can even be magically transformed into human form as shown in "The Queen's Quest".


The Magic Mirror is honest and only tells the truth, yet she is also quite humorous. She is very supportive of Queen Delightful and believes that she is the fairest in the land.

In the series

"The Delightful Diamond Mystery"

In her debut appearance, the Magic Mirror becomes the witness of the Delightful Diamond being stolen from her room while she slept one night. While she doesn't know who's the culprit, she helped the 7D in solving the mystery. It was finally revealed that it was Sir Yipsalot.

"Mirror, Mirror"

The Glooms kidnap the mirror so that Hildy can be declared the fairest of them all (obviously, Hildy isn't), and another mirror took her place back at the castle. The 7D rescue the Magic Mirror and when she returned, she starts to fall in love with the Not-So-Magic Mirror.

"The Fairest in the Land"

The Magic Mirror emcees the Jolly Awards, an event where many residents of Jollywood get awarded. Queen Delightful is set to receive the award for being the fairest in the land—this time along with the Jollywood Gemstone Wand—an honor she gets every year. The Glooms made Delightful into a hideous monster to ensure she doesn't get the award. At the ceremony, the Magic Mirror still crowns the Queen (dressed in a diving suit) once again, because she judges people using their inner beauty. The gemstone wand changed Delightful back to normal, and in return changed Hildy into a monster.

"The Queen's Quest"

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"The Rock of Sages"

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The Magic Mirror advises Delightful for the upcoming Very Serious Awards in finding the perfect serious face she must display during the ceremony. It marked her only appearance in Season 2 as well as her final episode.

Episode appearances

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