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Lord Starchbottom
Lord Starchbottom Fullbody
Character Information
Voiced by Paul Rugg
Nickname(s) Starchy
Stickybottom (on accident, by Uncle Humidor)
Stitchbottom (by Hildy)
Starchibald (by Coach Coachy)
Alias(es) Swifty LeStarch
Occupation Queen's assistant
The 7D's Manager ("Doing the 7D Dance")
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "The Long, Long Winter"
Last Appearance "A Sneeze in Time"
Family The Gerkins:
Pa Gerkin (father)
Ma Gerkin (mother)
Grandma Gerkin (grandmother)
Kep Gerkin (identical twin brother)
Sissy Gerkin (sister)
Butterbean Gerkin (baby brother)
Enemies Hildy Gloom
Grim Gloom
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Mr. Bristles

Lord Starchbottom is Queen Delightful's loyal personal assistant, a job that requires him to live at her castle.

In "The Family Pickles", Starchbottom's real name is revealed to be Dillard Gerkin.


Lord Starchbottom wears a light green tunic with a black belt around it and a green cape under a light yellow long sleeved shirt, and pale blue tights and shoes. On his head is a green hat topped with a light blue feather. He has a very long nose and his hair color is orange.


S1e01a The Giant Terrorizes the Town and Starchbottom 13

Starchbottom braces for the 7D.

Regularly, Queen Delightful relies on the 7D to tackle problems and come to the aid of Jollywood. As such, this usually frustrates Starchbottom who felt that he needs to have a chance to save the day since he's her assistant. In "Gnome Alone," he did manage to convince the Queen to do something, but the task in question was to clean the moat around the castle. He sometimes dreads on the dwarfs. At other times he's afraid of them (whenever Delightful summons the 7D) because he gets accidentally injured by their activities. Starchbottom is often seen as the straight man to Queen Delightful's goofy mannerisms. Throughout the series, he is being portrayed as a person full of bad fortune; however, good things do happen to him every once in a while.

On the other hand, despite the fact that Starchbottom wanted to save the Queen from any danger, at times he can be quite cowardly, even to the point that he goes into hiding. He may not be capable of saving the day like the 7D or he really doesn't know what to do. For example, in "The Fairest in the Land" Starchbottom (through much hesitiation) had called for the 7D because Delightful became a troll. And, in "Hildy the Good" when the Glooms seize the castle, the first moment of action Starchbottom takes is to call for the Bing-Bong Bell. It may be because Starchbottom loves to take his job as the Queen's personal assistant seriously. There are a few times that Starchy did save the day, albeit by accident, in "Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters" (when the Itsy-Bitsy Spider scares Grim the six-foot spider away from the castle while on Starchbottom's hat) and in "New Shoe" (when The 7D based their design for the Old Woman's new home from Starchy's work boots).

In "Itsy Bitsy Spider Fighters", it's been revealed that Starchbottom has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.

It is also revealed that Starchbottom is annoying to many people in "Oh Happy Grumpy". In "Which Witch is Which?", he is afraid of the dark and cries out for his mommy when it happens.


The 7D

Despite Starchbottom's many misgivings about the 7D, the dwarfs are always friendly towards him. They even went as far to throw a surprise birthday party for Starchbottom, which he truly enjoyed ("Surprise"). Also, Grumpy (with the help of Queen Delightful) redecorates Starchy's bedroom to surprise him when he recovers from his leg injury and it made him happy ("Starchy Takes a Break").

Queen Delightful

Starchbottom is deeply devoted to his job as Delightful's personal assistant so much that he does almost every thing in the castle, even though he's the only one performing the tasks. In "Surely You Jest", all the stress eventually takes a toll on him and he collapses. A concerned Delightful begins to seek help to assist Starchy in what he does including cooking, announcing guests, and as the court jester. However, his employees annoy him a lot to the point that Stachbottom sent them to work at the Glooms in the end (they were disguised as part of a plot to steal a precious jewel from the castle), and returned to his responsibilities. As much as he has a stressful job and suffered many mishaps, Delightful really cares for him very much. The two are considered to be best friends and enjoy spending time together, such as playing games and baking sweets, and sometimes Delightful will give him some deserved time off or do something special for him.

"The Family Pickles"

It is revealed in "The Family Pickles" that Starchbottom's real name is Dillard Gerkin and he used to live in a pickle farm owned by his family, the Gerkins, until he left to accept his job as Queen Delightful's assistant. The name Starchbottom is actually a given nickname given because of the fact that he was always had a lot of starch in his pants. Although Starchbottom loves his family, he felt that they are embarrassing, so when he applied to become Delightful's assistant, he took on the name of Lord Starchbottom with a false story that he was born into royalty. Eventually, Delightful does find out about his secret, but accepts it because she always liked him for who he is.



  • In Japanese, he is renamed "きまじめ男爵" (Kimajime danshaku) which means "No-nonsense Baron".
  • Rugg drew inspiration from Jerry Lewis, whom he and Tom Ruegger both admire.[1]
  • Before the premiere of "The Family Pickles", Ruegger uploaded a still that revealed Starchy has a family.[2]
  • His real name is a reference to the food dill pickle. 
  • He is the first character whose birthday was shown on-screen in the episode "Surprise", as well as the only character to do so.


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