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Leaf Monster
S1e19b The Leaf Monster
The leaf monster, as he appeared in "Leaf It To Sneezy"
Character Information
Nickname(s) Mr. Leaf Pile (by Queen Delightful), Leafster (by Sneezy)
Occupation Monster
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Eyes Yellow
Enemies Queen Delightful (its target)

The Leaf Monster is another antagonist shown in the episode "Leaf It To Sneezy". It was created by Hildy out of a huge pile of leaves at the Fall Into Fall Day festival and instructed to throw the Queen away to Gusty Gorge. The Leaf Monster was stopped several times by Sir Yipsalot, and The 7D (except Doc and Sneezy) but to no use, until Sneezy gave out his gigantic sneeze that blast the leaves on him away and vanished for good.

Physical appearance

The Leaf Monster is formed with a huge pile of autumn golden leaves all over its body. Its feet and hands are somehow colored purple. It has a big brown leaf on its forehead and smaller orange leaf on its nose.

In the show

From the Glooms' cauldron, Hildy chants a spell to the pile of leaves, which swirled around to form the monster as Delightful makes her jump. She instead landed into the hands of the Leaf Monster and begins its trek to Gusty Gorge after terrorizing the crowd. Sir Yipsalot tells The 7D that the monster has Queen Delightful and they set out to rescue her. Hildy also made a spell to remove Sneezy's memories of his sneezing (Sneezy is the only one who can defeat the Leaf Monster).

As Sneezy and Doc are on the way to Memory Lane, the rest of the dwarfs (along with Lord Starchbottom) stopped at Handy Dandy Hardware Store to get lawn mowers to fight the monster. The dwarfs arrive on their mowers, but the Leaf Monster kicked them all away. Doc and Sneezy arrive with Sneezy's memory finally restored. Sneezy then let out a gigantic sneeze, blowing away the monster and saving the Queen.


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