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Jollywood Joe
Go Joe! 4
Jollywood Joe, as he appeared in "The Long, Long Winter"
Character Information
Occupation Spring chicken
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Family Jollywood Jane (wife)
Chicken Little (son)
Enemies The Glooms

Jollywood Joe is a chicken that appears in tree episodes: "The Long, Long Winter" (Season 1), "Chicken Soup for the Troll" and "There's a Monkey in My Hat (Season 2). In his first appearance, "The Long Long Winter", he is also known as the spring chicken who, in annual Jollywood tradition, brings the transition from winter to spring with a single cluck. In his second appearance, "Chicken Soup for the Troll", he is revealed to have a wife known as Jollywood Jane, who is famous for her chicken soup. They live in a coop on Mount Jollywood. In "There's a Monkey in My Hat" it's shown that he and Jane have a child named Chicken Little.

Physical appearance

Joe is a rooster that has orange head feathers, a cream colored body, orange feet, and a yellow tail. He's noticeably skinny.


In "The Long, Long Winter", Jollywood Joe is committed to his task as summoning spring to Jollywood. He's also appears to be quite clever as he was able to leave a message for the 7D out of chicken feed.

In the series

"The Long, Long Winter"

In "The Long, Long Winter", the caws of Jollywood Joe could end the harsh winter plaguing Jollywood and bring spring. But when Queen Delightful called for him, he didn't appear. When the Glooms reveal that they're the cause of the harsh winter and if Joe doesn't call out on the castle before sunrise, the winter will last forever. Queen Delightful sends the 7D to Mount Jollywood to get him. There, they find out that Joe was kidnapped by the Glooms and frozen in ice so he couldn't caw. The 7D are able to rescue him, thaw him out, and launch Joe toward the castle as the sun rises and he then caws out, which instantly ends the winter. He's then greeted with the many thanks of the Jollywood citizens.

"Chicken Soup for the Troll"

Jollywood Joe makes a return appearance when the 7D visit his coop for the chicken soup to cure Delightful's case of the Yodelay flu. However, they found that all soup supplies have been depleted amidst a fight between Joe and Jane. Jane falsely accuses Joe for her soup being missing; it's actually the work of the trolls who are going through a Yodelay flu outbreak of their own.


The Long, Long Winter
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