Jollywood Map

The map of Jollywood. It was officially created to promote the series.

Jollywood is the kingdom where The 7D takes place. It is currently ruled by Queen Delightful and protected by the titular characters.


Jollywood is mostly inhabited by dwarfs and has a population of just 101, as revealed in "Sleepytime". There are, however, citizens of regular size –- Queen Delightful, Hildy and Grim Gloom, and Lord Starchbottom, to name a few. Jollywood also have many animals of various species. The kingdom has various topography features –- from the mountains and valleys to the dark forest where the Glooms live to a tropical area with a beach. There's also a large Jollywood sign which itself is based on the real life Hollywood Sign over the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. Jollywood's major mode of transportation is the Sky Bucket, which enables the rider to reach his/her destination from above ground. Also, The 7D maintain a private network of underground pneumatic tubes around the kingdom known as Funnel Tunnels, conveniently placed so they can aid Queen Delightful wherever she needs them the most, as well as traditional tunnels radiating from their mine.


The history of Jollywood is explained in the episode "The Rock of Sages". The area was unsettled and devoid of color until, one day, a group of dwarfs known as the Seven Sages met with seven colored gems. By accident, each of the seven gems formed the magical, yet powerful Rock of Sages. Together, the Seven Sages then used the combined gem to bring magic and color to the land. Later, creatures and more dwarfs arrive and a new kingdom is founded: Jollywood.

Later on, an evil wizard known as Lord Grudgemunger snatched the Rock of Sages from the Seven Sages and used it to rob the kingdom of its color and magic. The dwarfs, however, retrieve the gem and restored Jollywood to her beauty. Knowing how the gem is so important to the kingdom, the Seven Sages broke up the gem back to its seven components and hide them in the seven corners of the land so it won't be found by Grudgemunger once again.



  • The 7D's cottage: It's the home of The 7D that it's made up of a giant cuckoo clock with a windmill attached to it and a waterwheel next to a river.
  • The 7D's jewel mine: Located below ground underneath their cottage, The 7D work there as miners. It feature many precious jewels and gems important to Jollywood. Because of that, it's a frequent target of the Glooms on their quest to rule the kingdom.
  • Queen Delightful's castle: The home of the Queen and her 'round the clock assistant, Starchbottom. It's also a target of the Glooms.
  • The Glooms' manor: The home of Grim and Hildy. Many plans for taking over Jollywood originated from there.
  • Enchanted Forest: A lush, beautiful forest full of animals and a few human residents.
  • Lastly, Jollywood has a village where the vast majority of Jollywood's residents live, work and shop there. It's the main hub for the Sky Bucket system. The Glooms usually went there to terrorize its residents.


Neighboring kingdoms

As the world of Jollywood expanded later in the series' first season, more kingdoms are being mentioned or shown:

  • Kingdom of the Clouds: Appeared in "Bing Bong Beans", the kingdom is above Jollywood and can only be reached via the Bing Bong Beanstalk. The Bing-Bong Bell is physically located inside a tower next to a home of a giant and his duck.
  • Unnamed kingdom next over: Appeared in "The Very Important Thingy". Delightful asks Doc to construct a device so she can send messages loudly to the kingdom next over. Apparently, the kingdom is sort of an alternate realty of Jollywood, with its king similar in appearance to Delightful, and there are female counterparts of The 7D.
  • Kingdom of Chi-Chi: Mentioned in "Abraca-Dopey". Delightful hosts a party; among the guests are Emperor and Empress Fancypants, the rulers of the aforementioned kingdom.

Festivals / Holidays

Numerous special days take place in Jollywood. The list below shows all of those days that occurred throughout the show:

  1. "Cheese Day" (from "For the Love of Cheese")
  2. "Jolly Berry Pie Festival" (from "Sneezin' Season")
  3. "Bucket of Fun Festival" (from "The Big Bash")
  4. "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day" (from "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day")
  5. "Jollypalooza" (from "Bathtub Bashful")
  6. "Jolly Day" (from "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps" and "Jollybells")
  7. "Fudge Day"