The Jolly Berry Pie Festival is an annual event in Jollywood.

Jolly Berry Pie Festival
Sneezin Season 121
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The Jolly Berry Pie Festival is held once a year. In preparation for the event, Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom cook a ton of Jolly Berry pies made from berries picked in advance. However, the pies aren't made for eating. Rather to commence the event, Queen Delightful quotes her great-great grandmother Whimsical by saying "GRAB A PIE AND LET IT FLY!!!!". This then begins a huge pie throwing fest with everyone beaning each other with pies in comical fashion. Even Queen Delightful and Starchbottom can end up getting smothered during the event.

In the show

This event plays a central role in the episode "Sneezin' Season". Delightful has the 7D pick many Jolly Berries to make the pies. Meanwhile, the Glooms try to get Grumpy's whiskers for their evil conquering spell, but are inadvertently foiled because Bob the Squirrel hitches along with Grim and causes Sneezy to sneeze them and Grumpy away. On the day of the event, Hildy is able to get some of Grumpy's whiskers during the pie throwing chaos. However, Grumpy foils the Glooms' plans by using Bob to make Sneezy sneeze a ton of pies onto the Glooms until they retreat in defeat.