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Jack Flashback
Jack Flashback - Cropped
Jack Flashback, as he appeared in "Leaf It To Sneezy"
Character Information
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Occupation Bowling alley owner
Gender Male
Hair Dark blond
Eyes Black

Jack Flashback is the owner of Memory Lane, where people bowl to regain their memories. He appeared in "Leaf It To Sneezy". Jack helps Sneezy regain his memory because of his "amsneezia", thanks to Hildy.


Jack is tan skinned, wears a purple tee shirt with a brown vest and blue jeans, and white sneakers with red stripes. A green headband is worn around his dark blond hair, and on his hands are white gloves.


Jack is very friendly. Even though Sneezy unintentionally knocked down his bowling alley, he still celebrates with The 7D during Fall Into Fall Day at the end of the episode.

In the show

Doc and Sneezy went to Memory Lane so Sneezy can restore his memory of how to sneeze to defeat the Leaf Monster, who kidnaps Queen Delightful. They went inside and meet Jack, and tell him about Sneezy's dilemma. Jack then gives Sneezy a pair of size 70 bowling shoes (and sprays a lot of disinfectant, making the dwarfs cough) and lead the dwarfs to a shelf of bowling balls containing memories. Before Sneezy is set to bowl, Jack reminds him that he has only one chance of getting his memories back. Sneezy successfully (albeit clumsily) made a strike and is sneezing again, then he lets out a giant sneeze that destroyed Memory Lane. Jack got back the pair of bowling shoes from Sneezy and again sprays some disinfectant on it. Later, he attends the resumed Fall Into Fall Day festivities.


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