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"Hildy the Good"
Season 1, Episode 13B*
S1e13b Title card
Half hour production code: 112B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate September 21, 2014
Disney Channel airdate February 19, 2015
Disney Junior airdate February 16, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Jeff Gordon
Written by Shea Fontana / Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Lenord Robinson
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"The Jollywood Jam"
Suceeded by →

"Hildy the Good" is an episode that premiered on September 21, 2014 with "The Jollywood Jam" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the twenty-sixth episode in the series.


Hildy turns herself into a good witch and becomes best friends with Queen Delightful in an attempt to take over Jollywood.


It's Whatever Floats Your Boat Day in Jollywood, and Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom celebrates the day on their boat at a river with The 7D in their own boat. Nearby, Grim and Hildy attempt to flood the river by doing great damage to the dam. Dopey enlists the help of the beavers, and they built a makeshift dam made out of branches that stopped the raging river, saving the Queen and Starchy. While Delightful throws a dinner honoring the beavers with the dwarfs, Hildy throws a tantrum and lamenting about how she always fail to rid of the Queen. Shen then comes across a newspaper ad that promised to make witches to turn to the good side. Upon receiving the kit instantly through the paper, Hildy plans to turns herself into a good witch in a attempt to gain everyone's trust and finally take over Jollywood.

When the kingdom starts raining cats and dogs (literally) thanks to Grim disguised as a wicked troll, The 7D try to round them up but there is far too many until Hildy (now calling herself Hildy the Good) enters the scene and ends the rain. At first, everyone is doubtful that Hildy has changed her ways but are grateful for her help; however they had no clue that the whole thing was a set up. Every time Grim cast wicked spells against the Queen, Hildy shows up and pretends to save the day and is soon loved and everyone in Jollywood. During this time, Hildy gets strange feelings that show her what it's like to be good much to her chagrin.

Hildy and the Queen eventually become friends but after having enough of being good, she returns to her true colors. Starchy proceeds to run out of the room to call for the Bing-Bong Bell, but Grim has him cornered. With her wand, Hildy sends Delightful to one of the towers, locked, while Grim has Lord Starchbottom magically encased in stone within the mine of the 7D. Finally, the Glooms succeeded in taking over the castle, and next, Jollywood!

After being told what has happened from Starchy, The 7D come to rescue and with the help of Dopey's beaver friends. The Glooms are once again defeated and are being enclosed in a giant wooden shipping crate. They are sent to a remote island far away from Jollywood. After they came ashore, Hildy again lamented that she always failed at her takeover plots and then the Glooms are being pelted with coconuts by monkeys, and the episode ends.

Featured songs

Running Gags

  • Hildy saving Queen Delightful, making her more popular to Jollywood.
  • Grim creating shenanigans.


  • Marmaduke makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Sneezy mentioned about needing a bigger net during the rain of cats and dogs. It was the same line he mentioned about upon seeing the giant in "The Littlest Giants".
  • It is revealed that Dopey is a beaver whisperer.


S1e12b 'i got you.'S1e13b Raining Cats and Dogs...Literally
  • Sleepy is seen bald in rare occasions in the series when his hat is removed. However, when he rushes to catch the falling cats and dogs with his hat (image on the left), he is shown to have white hair and puffy eyebrows. He returns to being bald with rectangular eyebrows during the same scene. Sleepy can also be seen with white hair and puffy eyebrows in "Abraca-Dopey" and "Sleepytime" (albeit very thick, black eyebrows).


International Premieres

  • January 25, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Italy)
  • March 17, 2015 -- (Disney XD Poland)
  • April 3, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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