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Grumpy Promo
Character Information
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Nickname(s) Grumpo, Gumbo, Darling dumpling (by Hildy)
Cute little macaroon (by Gingerbread Witch)
Slimy salamander (by Snow Witch)
Grumpster (by Sneezy, Happy and King of the Echoes)
Kook (along with Grim; by Sid)
Grimpy (by Grim Gloom)
Grumpsy (by his mother)
Alias(es) Sir Grumpy, Knight of the All-You-Can-Eatery
Occupation Miner
Former Student at an Unknown Dwarf School
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Episode Appearances
First Appearance "The Long, Long Winter"
Last Appearance "A Sneeze in Time"
Family Grandpa Grumpy (grandfather)
King Groucharooney (cousin)[1]
Uncle Frowny (uncle)
Unnamed mother
Enemies Hildy Gloom
Grim Gloom
Happy (when singing)
Dirk Dumphrey
Finders Keeper
Narrator: This guy is so grumpy, he can burst a piñata by just looking at it. He can pop balloons with a single glance. He smiled once, just to see what it felt like; he didn't like it. He invented cranky pants.
Grumpy: Enough yapping already!
Narrator: Meet Grumpy.
Grumpy: Yeah, whatever, hello.

—From The 7D Mine Train app

Grumpy is one of the seven dwarfs who protect Jollywood in The 7D. He has a pessimistic attitude. Grumpy loves wrestling and sewing, as revealed in "Welcome to the Neighborhood" He also loves eating cheese, particularly Gorgonzola, as shown in "For the Love of Cheese" and has a large appetite. Grumpy has a pet goat named Gizelle. He speaks with a New York accent. It was revealed in the episode "Game of Grumpy" that he has a royal family in his homeland of Grumpylvania.[2][3]

Grumpy's leitmotif is "Grump It Up".

Physical appearance

Grumpy is short in size. Unlike the version from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Grumpy is not slender, but rather the plumpest of the dwarfs. Grumpy has light peach skin, a large pinkish nose, auburn eyebrows, freckles and a thick, brown beard. Grumpy's attire consists of an upside-down flower pot hat with with a red flower sticking out the top, a blue long-sleeved shirt, a black belt with a gold belt buckle, brown striped shorts, and purple shoes.

In his prototype appearance, he has the same look as his current appearance, with the exception of his shoes being more lighter hue than his prototype's shoes.

In "Once in a Purple Moon", when Grumpy changes form when the moon turned blue, his entire outfit changes. His outfit consists of a yellow suit, a sunflower replacing his usual red daisy, and holding a bunch of lanyards.


Grumpy Annoyed By Air Kissing

Grumpy is annoyed at the sight of Grim and Hildy kissing ("The Long, Long Winter").

Grumpy is grouchy and he routinely gets annoyed by just about anything, including Happy's singing (as revealed in "Oh Happy Grumpy") and, at times, he can be sarcastic. It's highly implied in "Sneezin' Season" that he has such a reputation in Jollywood for his behavior that no one except Queen Delightful would allow him to stay over after leaving his fellow dwarfs because his beard was allegedly the cause of Sneezy's severe allergy. However, Grumpy does show some compassion from time to time.

Grumpy also likes bugs, as shown in "New Shoe". Grumpy is also the unluckiest of the group (examples are being the victim of most of Sneezy's giant sneezes and getting smashed into a wall twice from one of Doc's inventions).

Happy Grumpy

Grumpy when he turns into a charismatic business man when the moon turned blue.

In the episode "Once in a Purple Moon", Grumpy becomes the complete opposite of his grumpy demeanor. When the moon turns blue, he becomes the charismatic, upbeat, business man that is into selling lanyards.


The 7D


Grumpy and Happy have opposite personalities, yet they have a good relationship. Happy would constantly annoy Grumpy with his loud music, and sometimes Grumpy's sarcastic remarks on his music would be flying over Happy's head.

In "Whose Voice is it Anyway", Happy and Grumpy switched voices.


Grumpy and Sleepy have a good relationship, but sometimes Grumpy would get annoyed with Sleepy's constant sleeping.


Grumpy and Sneezy do not have much interactions, but they get along as friends. As shown in "Sneezin' Season" that Sneezy might be allergic to Grumpy because of him having a long beard, but it later turned out to be Bob.


Since Grumpy and Bashful are best friends; they get along. It is shown in "Knight School" that Grumpy joined Bashful for a training to be a knight in the namesake school.


Grumpy has a tendency to get annoyed with Dopey's personality at all times, as well as him being friendly to animals.

It is shown in "The Littlest Giants" that Dopey ate Grumpy's supper, as well as possibly eating his food for weeks, as Grumpy remarked in the end of the episode.

In "The Delightful Diamond Mystery", Dopey mimicked Grumpy at the end of the episode, without Grumpy knowing.

In "Giggleberries", Dopey helped Grumpy to search for the I-Got-The-Blues-Berries, but is sometimes annoyed to Dopey mimicking nature sounds.

In "The 8th D", Grumpy is one of Dopey's friends that banned him for taking animals home to their cottage.

In "When Pigs Fly", Grumpy and Dopey competed with each other for eating the most pies. He even claimed he and Dopey re "amateur eaters" when a pig won an award for eating many pies all at once.


Doc and Grumpy do not have many interactions in the series, but they do get along.

In "Take Care of Your Elf!", Doc accompanied Grumpy to try and compliment the elves and take them back to Jollywood to work there again, as well as to resume Gingersnaps's upcoming coronation.



  • Grumpy only had two changes to his design:
    • Dark purple shoes to lighter purple shoes
    • Lighter blue shirt
Concept 1

First concept of Grumpy (left) and final concept of Grumpy (right) (Disregarding the tiny fuse where Grumpy's flower should be)

Grumpy as a child -- cropped
  • He is the second of the 7D to have his childhood memories shown in "Funniest Haircut Day" (right), the first was Sneezy.
  • Also in "Funniest Haircut Day", it's revealed that Grumpy has extreme amounts of hair, enough to fill an entire room. However, in earlier episodes "The Littlest Giants" and "Let's Get Organ-ized" he appeared to have normal amounts of hair when he removed his hat.
  • Grumpy can accurately imitate Bashful's voice in "Delight Me, Delight Me Not".
  • As revealed in "Which Witch is Which?", Grumpy can whistle like Dopey. Unfortunately for him, his whistling is presumably foul, as it generate negative reactions from his friends.
  • In "Once in a Purple Moon", when the moon turns blue, Grumpy turns into a happy charismatic business man.
  • He and Sleepy are the only members of the 7D who rang the Bing-Bong Bell.
  • He and Happy are the only members of the 7D who have dialogues on every episode.
  • Like the rest of the 7D in "The Enchanted Forest Ranger", Grumpy is a member of the Dragon Scouts. Unlike his friends, however, he was not a Dragon Scout First Class as they have become during their childhoods. He failed to get the required badge needed to become one until the episode.
    • The episode also marks the second time Grumpy appears during his childhood days.
  • Out of all the 7D, he might be closest to Happy and Bashful.
  • He is the the most focused character in the series, with 21 episodes about him.


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