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Grandpa Grumpy
S1e10a Grandpa Grumpy
Grandpa Grumpy, as he appeared in "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre"
Character Information
Voiced by Unknown,[1] but likely Jim Cummings
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair White
Eyes Black
Family Grumpy (grandson)
Enemies The Ogre (until the end)

Grampa Grumpy is Grumpy's grandfather who so far appeared in the episode "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre." He is a member of the original 7D. Grumpy and Happy visit their grandfathers and receive the news from Grandpa Grumpy that one of the gems representing the original 7D is stolen by an ogre. The four dwarfs then search for the creature to get it back.


Grandpa Grumpy is similar in appearance to his grandson. He wears a long sleeved shirt and a pair of pants with a belt, all colored light blue, and purple shoes. He wears a cracked flower pot for a hat with a cactus and a flower. Grandpa Grumpy wears glasses and has a giant white beard.


Grandpa Grumpy, like his grandson, is grouchy and also gets annoyed by Happy and Grandpa Happy's singing. But he, also like his grandson, does have a soft side.

In the show

In "Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre", Grandpa Grumpy tells Grumpy and Happy after they've arrived that the Ogre swiped one of their gems. Grandpa Grumpy insists that the Ogre is real after his grandson says that he doesn't believe it. Despite that, Grumpy was placed into his grandpa's search party which also include Happy and his grandpa. Grandpa Happy and Happy begin the adventure by singing a song about candy corn, and it annoyed both Grumpy and Grandpa Grumpy.

After they obtain the Flumadiddle from Grandpa Doc, Grandpa Happy is driving the car too fast, making Grumpy and Grandpa Grumpy fell onto the road. Grandpa Grumpy then takes the steering wheel, but drives very slowly. He doesn't pay attention, too, as the Flumadiddle goes into a pond shortly after. Later, Grandpa Grumpy believes he sees the Ogre through his telescope and he and Happy and his grandfather left the car to investigate. The Ogre appears from the bushes and steals a rocking chair from the Flumadiddle while Grumpy (still in denial) was taking a nap before the other dwarfs returned.

At the swamp, Grandpa Grumpy again thinks he saw the Ogre and sends Grumpy out. But it's actually an alligator—several of them. The dwarfs escaped into the river (the Flumadiddle is now a boat) and Grandpa Grumpy comes up with an idea: fish for the Ogre using candy corn. After several mishaps at the river (and going down a waterfall), the dwarfs arrive at a mountain by a flying Flumadiddle. The Ogre returns and swiped Grandpas Grumpy and Happy and Happy, surprising Grumpy.

At his cave, the Ogre placed the other dwarfs along with other items he stole. Grandpa Grumpy found his rocking chair and the gem. He then tries to keep Happy's guitar away from the Ogre until Grumpy arrived. Grumpy trades the candy corn for the items the Ogre stole and tells him that he shouldn't take something that doesn't belong to him without asking. The Ogre want the other dwarfs to stay with him, and Grandpa Grumpy explained that they can't because they have a home. But the Ogre accepted Grandpa Grumpy's offer of friendship.

Grumpy apologizes to his grandpa about not taking the search for the Ogre seriously. Grandpa Grumpy accepts and gave his grandson a hug. After the gem returned in its rightful place, Grandpa Grumpy plays Go Fish with the 7D and their grandfathers—and the Ogre as their guest.

Grandpa Grumpy along the rest of the original 7D make a cameo appearance in "Doing the 7D Dance".



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