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"Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre"
Season 1, Episode 9A*
Grandpa Grumpy and the Ogre Title Card
Half hour production code: 110A[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate July 22, 2014
Disney Junior airdate February 13, 2015
Disney Junior on Disney Channel block airdate January 16, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Charles Visser
Story by Tom Ruegger
Written by Deanna Oliver
Storyboards by Carson Kugler
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Goldilocks and the 7D"
Suceeded by →
"The Fairest in the Land"

"Grampa Grumpy and the Ogre" is an episode that premiered on July 22, 2014 with "The Fairest in the Land" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the seventeenth episode in the series.


Grumpy and Happy join their eccentric grandfathers on a wild adventure to recover a priceless gem.[3]


On the Sky Bucket, Grumpy and Happy are on their way to see their grandfathers, Grandpa Grumpy and Grandpa Happy, respectively. They arrive at their grandfathers' home with news from Grandpa Grumpy that one of the gems representing each of The 7D's grandfathers hung above the front porch was stolen by an ogre. Grumpy, however, doesn't believe that the Ogre exists. Despite Grumpy's reservations, he has to participate in the search for the creature along with Happy and their grandpas. They brought along necessary items for the trip, including candy corn, which the ogre likes and is needed to trade in for the gem.

Their first stop is to meet with Grandpa Doc to use his vehicle known as the Flumadiddle to aid in their search. The Flumadiddle zoomed out of the garage with Grandpa Happy behind the wheel; its fast speed threw Grumpy and Grandpa Grumpy out of the car. Grandpa Grumpy then drove in a much slower speed, and it went into a pond. Grumpy then takes over, and his grandpa spotted what he believes to be the Ogre. While Grumpy (still denying the Ogre's existence) takes a nap and the others leave, the Ogre appeared from the bushes and swiped a rocking chair from the Flumadiddle. Grandpa Grumpy and Grandpa Happy return to find the rest of their items lying on the ground, and Happy later returns, saying the Ogre's at the swamp.

At the swamp, the Flumadiddle transforms itself into a swamp buggy, enabling the dwarfs to travel through it. Grumpy leaves the car to capture what is supposedly the ogre; instead it's an alligator, and the dwarfs are under attack by several of them. Grandpa Happy drove away from them; during their escape, the Flumadiddle is now a boat on a river. Grandpa Grumpy now has an idea to catch the Ogre: by fishing using candy corn as bait. The ogre reappears, dancing to Happy and his grandfather's song about candy corn as they go downstream.

While fishing Grumpy accidentally gets baited and thrown into the river a few times, and then gets swallowed by a giant fish. Grumpy being ejected from the fish forcefully sent the dwarfs down a waterfall—but they are being saved by the Flumadiddle again as it's now aircraft. They flew towards a mountain range where they finally caught up with the Ogre. The Ogre takes Grandpa Grumpy, Happy, and Grandpa Happy to his cave where he hoarded several items he had swapped, including the rocking chair and one of the gems from the grandfathers' home. Grumpy arrives at the cave with the bag of candy corn and he wants to trade the treat with the items he stole. Grumpy also reminds him that he must not take any item without permission and always ask if he wants something, and they both agreed.

Back at their grandfathers' home, Grumpy apologizes to Grandpa Grumpy about not believing in the ogre. Grandpa Grumpy accepts, and he gave his grandson a hug. Grandpa Grumpy hands over the gem to Happy, who then return it to its rightful place. The four—along with Doc, Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, and Bashful and their grandpas—spend the rest of the day playing Go Fish together with the ogre, who's now welcome at the home.

Featured Songs

Running Gags

  • Whenever someone says "candy corn," Happy and Grandpa Happy would sing "Candy Corn". The gag is similar to another gag in "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" whenever Lord Starchbottom or someone says "knick knack," he rolls down the hill.


  • This was the only episode in the series that the other 7D (besides Happy and Grumpy) have minor roles/cameo appearances and do not speak nor sing (although Doc's grandpa did speak), until in "Finder's Keepers" later in Season One.
  • The fact that ogres like candy corn as their favorite candy is later used as apart a question in "Finders Keepers" when Finders Keeper asked that question during the quiz and Grim's answer was sour balls.
  • This is one of the episodes where Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom did not appear.
  • This is one of the episodes the Glooms did not appear.

Cultural References

  • The ogre sounds very much like the Abominable Snowman in the Looney Tunes cartoon The Abominable Snow Rabbit.
  • Grandpa Grumpy is physically modelled off of Jimmy Durante, even using Durante's famous "Ha-cha-cha!"


  1. Happy
  2. Grumpy
  3. The 7D's grandfathers
  4. Ogre
  5. Sneezy (No dialogue) (cameo)
  6. Sleepy (No dialogue) (cameo)
  7. Doc (No dialogue) (cameo)
  8. Dopey (No dialogue) (cameo)
  9. Bashful (No dialogue) (cameo)

International Premieres

  • November 16, 2014 -- (Italy)
  • November 29, 2014 -- (Disney Channel Asia)
  • December 17, 2014 -- (Disney XD Poland)


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