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S1e09a gingersnaps - "me!"
Gingersnaps, as he appeared in "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps"
Character Information
Voiced by Cheri Oteri
Nickname(s) Gingersauce, Jinglesnaps, Jimperjams, Gingerbean, Gingerbread, Gingerbun, Gingerpie (mistakenly referred to these names by Grumpy)
Occupation Pfeffernüsse elf
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Eyes Black

Gingersnaps is an elf who first appeared in "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps". After being saved by Grumpy from being drowned in an ice fishing hole, he promised to serve Grumpy for the rest of his life (including combing his beard each morning). Getting disturbed by him, Grumpy decided to get rid of him several times but to no avail. He made another appearance in the episode "Take Care of Your Elf!" that revealed that he is from the Kingdom of the Elves as well as the heir to the kingdom's throne.[1]

Physical appearance

He is even smaller than the 7D. He wears a large green hat with a red puffball at the tip, a green shirt with a red collar, dark green pants and red pointed shoes.


He is very chipper, and full of energy. He was quite an attentive servant to Grumpy, doing things for him (even if he doesn't need him to) and making sure everything is in order. He is also very brave, despite his size, as he ended up fighting a bear (and winning) to protect Grumpy. He speaks with a Southern accent.

In the series

"Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps"

In "Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps" Grumpy saves him from drowning after he fell through ice. So by law, Gingersnaps became Grumpy's eternal servant. At first it was great, but soon the elf would not leave him alone. So Doc came up with a plan to release Gingersnaps from Grumpy's service. It was to have a fake bear attack Grumpy. After that didn't work, Grumpy offered him a cookie at dimmer. It freed Gingersnaps from his oath. He thanks his master then leaves with tears of joy in his eyes and earplugs on Grumpy's bed.

"Take Care of Your Elf"

After Grumpy offended the elves who are valued for their hard work to the people of Jollywood during Yip Yip Hooray to Elves Day. The day's events include crowning the next king of the elves, he must travel to the Kingdom of the Elves along with Doc to set things right. When they arrive at the kingdom's castle, they are being kidnapped by elves and brought to a figure, revealed to be Gingersnaps, who says that he's the next heir to the throne. Gingersnaps then told Grumpy the way to make the elves forgive Grumpy is by turning their faces red, but refused to tell him how due to the law of the elves. Otherwise, he can't be crowned as king during the elves' special day. So, at Doc's suggestion, Grumpy has to compliment Gingersnaps and the elves, which he have to do on a stage with every elf in attendance. After Grumpy's attempt at a compliment, then a genuine one, the elves still haven't had their faces turn red and are still angry at him. After Gingersnaps told him that he can't turn their faces red by complimenting them, Grumpy then gets upset and a mishap occurred, revealing his underwear, making Gingersnaps and the rest of the elves howling with laughter, their faces now turning red. With the elves and Grumpy in good terms again, Gingersnaps is crowned the elves' new king by Queen Delightful.


  • "Me!"
  • "Whoopie-pie!"
  • "Yes sir, Mr. Grumpy, sir!"
  • "Again, Gingersnaps sir." (whenever Grumpy mistakenly calls him using a different name)


"Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps"

"Take Care of Your Elf!"

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