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"Funniest Haircut Day"
Season 2, Episode 3B*
S2e01b title card
Half hour production code: 201B[1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate February 6, 2016
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno
Written by Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Alfred Gimeno
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
← Preceded by
"Oh Happy Grumpy"
Suceeded by →
"Say Pest to the Dress"

"Funniest Haircut Day" is an episode that premiered on February 6, 2016 with "Oh Happy Grumpy" on Disney XD.[2]

It is the fifty-fourth episode in the series.


The Glooms disguise themselves as hairdressers to complete their spell and take over the kingdom.[3]


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The episode starts when Queen Delightful sings a song about the holiday the Funniest Hair Cut Day. Throughout the song, Grumpy escapes together with Gizelle unnoticed. The song ends when Sleepy notices that Grumpy is missing and everyone else noticed as well; and they began to suspect that Grumpy escapes/never shows up for Funniest Hair Cut Day. The Queen descended via an umbrella a la Mary Poppins style to know what the 7D are discussing about, or the "pattern" they are saying, and Doc tells her that Grumpy never shows up for the Funniest Hair Cut Day. When the Queen knew the fact that Grumpy would and will never show up for the holiday, she started pouting. All villagers freaked out to the pouty-faced Queen while the rest of the gang head to the Stonehenge-like build replicas of the 7D.

Dopey then proceeded to call his animal-friends to know if Grumpy and Gizelle are somewhere around via his animal sounds. He then finally found him when he called a lion spotting the two, and is trying to eat them, but Dopey scolds the lion not to do so.

Featured Song

Running Gags

  • Bashful, as well as the beaver (only once) uttering the word "noob" every time Grumpy runs away from him.
  • Grim constantly speaking in a French accent.


  • Season 2 Episode 3 is the first half-hour episode of the series to center on a single character (Grumpy).
  • This is the second time Grumpy runs away from home, the first time being Episode 3A of this episode. But Grumpy comes back realizing that he can't run away forever, and that it doesn't solve anything.
  • The 101 jars of hair call back to "Sleepytime", when the Crystal Ball says that Jollywood has a population of 101 people.
  • The beginning of Hildy's hair spell was a reference to Macbeth.
  • Bashful is the only dwarf not to get any haircut. Ironically, this happened before in "Jollybells", where he never drained a single joy.
  • Grumpy's mother is shown in this episode, albeit her face was hidden.
  • Censorship: In Disney Channel Asia, the scene where the people laughed at little Grumpy after his hair bursted out in the salon has been cut for an unknown reason.


S2e01b ''s the silliest haircut...'
S2e01b sneezy's hair error
  • Dopey's pants are the same color as his sweater instead of purple when Happy sings the line "It's the silliest haircut" during the musical number.
  • Sneezy's funniest hairdo (images shown below right) changes between appearances. When it's shown for the first time, all of his hair is made into the trophy hairdo. But at the end of the episode, the trophy hairdo appears sitting up top his normal styled hair. Also, shown on the left panel of the image Sneezy is drawn in a similar way as seen on the promotional image for the character.
S2e01b '!'

It's the funniest outfit day!

  • When Bashful says "I learned this gag from Sneezy", his lips didn't move.
  • When Queen Delightful finishes the music sequence, her red dress has been covered up by her pink robe.
  • The fonts changed on the hair jars' labeling many times. Also, when the Glooms realize that their plan is failing, Grim is holding the jars numbered 100 and 101. At one shot, Grim is holding jar 101, but the jar that is supposed to be numbered 100 is unnumbered. The number 100 reappears on the jar in the next shot of Grim and also switched places. The gallery below detailing the errors are as follows, in order:


International Premieres

  • March 26, 2016 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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