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For the episode named "Finders Keepers", click here.
Finders Keeper
Finders keeper

Finders Keeper, as he appeared in "Finders Keepers"
Character Information
Voiced by Rob Paulsen
Occupation Ruler of Lost Acres / "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers" game show's host
Gender Male
Hair Magenta
Eyes Black
Family Sid (brother)
Enemies Peaches, Gizelle, Grim, Grumpy

Finders Keeper is a troll and Sid's twin brother who appeared in "Finders Keepers". He presides over Lost Acres, where anyone and anything that is declared lost goes there, which is accessible through a portal. He later appeared at the end of the second season episode "The Enchanted Forest Ranger" as a member of a evil group headed by a mysterious squirrel.


He's light blue skinned, wears a purple blazer with a shirt and trousers, and a yellow bow tie. On his head is a tall, dark blue hat with a yellow band wrapped around it over his magenta colored hair. He has an overly long nose, purple eyebrows, and three teeth sticking out from his top lip. In "The Enchanted Forest Ranger", however, he wears a gray and black bowler hat.


This greedy troll enjoys game shows and keeping things organized.

In the show

In "Finders Keepers", he first appears taking some misplaced talking mittens.

In "The Enchanted Forest Ranger", he is seen sitting with other characters who loathe the 7D.


"Finders Keepers"

"The Enchanted Forest Ranger"

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