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S1e11b eenie's puppy eyes
Eenie, as he appeared in "New Shoe"
Character Information
Voiced by Sam Lavagnino
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Black
Family Old Woman (mother)
Enemies none

Eenie is one of the Old Woman's children and the only one of them to get a main speaking role in "New Shoe". He and his siblings are babysit by Grumpy while Eenie's mother went to a spa with Queen Delightful while their new home is being constructed.


Eenie wears blue overalls with a light blue shirt and red shoes, and has blond hair.


Eenie is very sweet. He enjoyed being around with Grumpy and love stories.

In the series

Eenie is seen with the other children playing around near the Old Woman's house. He and the other children are told to stay out of the construction. Grumpy puts him and other three children on a wheelbarrow back to the Old Woman, making sure he and the other children are safe. When the Old Woman is talking to Queen Delightful about her children, Eenie appears above Grumpy and starts taunting him for "being funny". When the Old Woman leaves with Queen Delightful, Eenie and the other children are told to stay on their best behavior while Grumpy is babysitting them.

Eenie is later seen asking Grumpy to read a book. Grumpy says that he has no book for him and the other children. Eenie also began prompting Grumpy to tell him a story, even if he doesn't have a book. Eenie is very upset with Grumpy for telling a bad story to him and the other children.

Later on, one of the children says what has happened to Eenie to Grumpy. Grumpy can't find Eenie anywhere until he doesn't notice Eenie is actually behind him. It is revealed that Eenie was giving Grumpy a book for him to tell a story of Fuzzy the Worm to the other children. Eenie is later seen sitting on a sleeping Grumpy while continuing to finish the story. Eenie and the other children are reunited with the Old Woman to go to the newly constructed shoe home.

In later appearances of the Old Woman's children, Eenie hasn't reappeared.


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