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S01e15a Cobby offers Grumpy a new pair of shoes
Cobby, as he appeared in "The Enchanted Shoes"
Character Information
Voiced by Rob Paulsen
Occupation Cobbler
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Eyes Black
Enemies Grim and Hildy, goblins

Cobby is Jollywood's cobbler and his only customer is Grumpy. He made his debut in "The Enchanted Shoes". He speaks with an Irish accent. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Physcial appearance

Cobby wears a yellow-green and green-yellow striped collar shirt with a dotted turquoise tie, brown trousers, gray shoes, and a white apron. His head and beard are orange. He has no hat.

In the series

At the beginning of "The Enchanted Shoes'" Cobby notices that many of his regular customers are flocking to a new business that sell sleek, new shoes with the ability to make the wearer run rapidly. Grumpy, however, remains loyal to him by asking him to fix his squeaky shoes. The two then realize that the two new cobblers that are selling the new enchanted shoes are actually Grim and Hildy as part of their plan to run everyone out of the kingdom and then assume control. While everyone wearing the shoes are running nonstop, Cobby and Grumpy must work together to return everyone home.

The Glooms realize they have no one to rule over, so they invited all goblins to Queen Delightful's castle to a party, which they must bring presents to be given out to Hildy (and soon to be forced to work at the 7D's soon-to-be abandoned mine). Unlike Grumpy, Cobby cannot speak the language of the goblins, which is required to convince them to leave the castle. Before they go to the castle, Grumpy comes up with an idea to give two pairs of shoes to the Glooms with the same spell. The Glooms receive the shoes and started to run, eventually becoming exhausted before they call off the spell. The goblins revolted against the Glooms after they didn't appreciate Hildy's rejection of fish sticks—which she hates—and her true intentions, after Grumpy made the suggestion when he talked to a few of them earlier. In the end, while everyone returned home, Cobby has his customers back by replacing their enchanted shoes.

In Season 2 Cobby became a background character among the Jollywood villagers. In "Take Your Pet to Lunch Day", it is revealed that he has a pet peacock.


"The Enchanted Shoes"

"Take Your Pet to Lunch Day"

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