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This article is about the episode itself. For the object, see Bing Bong beans (object).
"Bing Bong Beans"
Season 1, Episode 22B*
S1e22b Title Card
Half hour production code: [1]
Broadcast Information
Disney XD airdate January 22, 2015
Episode Credits
Directed by Alfred Gimeno
Story by Tom Ruegger
Written by Shea Fontana / Blake Larson / Sherri Stoner
Storyboards by Kevin Frank
Episodes Chronology
In U.S. Broadcast Order
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"Doing the 7D Dance"

"Bing Bong Beans" is an episode that premiered January 22, 2015 on Disney XD.[2] It was premiered separately. Subsequent airings paired it with "Abraca-Dopey".[3] Originally, both episodes were scheduled to premiere together on January 20.

It is the forty-fourth episode in the series.


When the Bing Bong Bell keeps ringing, the 7D travel up the beanstalk to the Cloud Kingdom and encounter a giant.


The episode begins with Grim looking at a bird, wondering what kind it is. Hildy and Grim check Hildy's book while trying to figure out what bird it is and they find a duck that lays a lot of eggs, making Hildy want it to use that duck's eggs for money. Hildy then finds out the duck, Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily Duck, is the only creature known to lay bejeweled eggs, making the next destination the clouds.

The scene then shifts to Queen Delightful's castle, where the Bing-Bong Bell is heard, but Queen Delightful isn't there. Queen Delightful then joins in on the conversation, wondering who rang the Bing-Bong Bell if it wasn't her. They walk over to the balcony, and it's revealed the Bing-Bong Bell is just ringing by itself. To find a fix to this problem, Doc suggests Delightful to call for the bell. Delightful does so, and the bell breaks off.

They try a variety of different things to find what's wrong with the Bing-Bong Bell, such as a dangerous unstable ladder, but they crash into the water when Dopey decides to chase a butterfly, therefore making the ladder even more unsteady. They then try Doc's pogo sticks, which dig them into the mine. Doc tries to find the answer in the Encyclopedia Enchantica, and it was in there; the only way to get up there is to climb the beanstalk, so they decide to buy Bing Bong beans. When they decide to grab their beans, the shop owner explains there's no free beans, so Dopey gives him a bear in return.

After getting the beans, they plant them and wait for the beanstalk to grow. It takes a full twenty-four hour period, but the beanstalk grows below the cottage. Grumpy opens the door to see what's causing the bell to ring, only to reveal there's a giant holding the cottage, and he's using it as a cuckoo clock, which he shows to his pet duck, Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily Duck. The giant wonders why it won't go cuckoo, thinking shaking the cottage would fix his problem, which only makes things worse for the 7D. They decide to go cuckoo so the cottage doesn't get shaken anymore. The giant gets hungry, so he calls the Glooms using the Bing-Bong Bell. The Glooms reveal they were trying to steal Whoopty Doopty, and eventually accuse the 7D of trying to steal him too, they then get grabbed and thrown into the giant's pan, except for Doc who seems to be fixing the giant's foot problem. The giant takes off his shoe, giving out a horrible smell from his feet, where Doc finds out the giant's shoes are too small.

The dwarfs make a deal with the giant to fix his shoe problem for him to return the Bing-Bong Bell. Hildy and Grim take advantage of the 7D's time currently being occupied by fixing the shoe problem to grab Whoopty Doopty. After the giant puts the Bing-Bong Bell back in place, the Glooms make off with Whoopty Doopty. The giant then comes to check on Whoopty Doopty, when it is revealed the Glooms have him.

The scene cuts to Grim and Hildy trying to chop down the beanstalk to guarantee separation between Whoopty Doopty and the giant. Before they can chop the beanstalk down, the giant and the 7D ride down the beanstalk in search for Whoopty Doopty. The giant opens roofs of houses until he finds Woopty Doopty and brings him back home, while the Glooms end up as the giant's new toys.

The episode ends with Queen Delightful's castle, where Delightful tells the 7D the Bing-Bong Bell is now working again. The 7D fall asleep after the long day they've had, while Sleepy is wide awake from their adventure and the Queen lets Sleepy ring the Bing-Bong Bell, ergo disrupting the 7D's sleep.

Running Gags

  • The Bing Bong Bell ringing on its own.
  • The Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily Duck saying his name and saying "That's me!".


  • Like "Finders Keepers" and "The Queen's Quest", the segments of this episode premiered separately due to last minute scheduling changes that also postponed the premiere of the first season finale while the series had airing first-run episodes during January 2015.
    • Also, the original announcements made by Disney had the episode listed as "Bing Bong Beans! / Abraca-Dopey". However, Disney XD has always aired the episode now known officially as "Abraca-Dopey / Bing Bong Beans"; the exclamation point is dropped from the title. The Disney/ABC press site for Disney XD still lists the original title.
  • The entire episode, like "Finders Keepers / The Queen's Quest", had been made available on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Watch Disney XD before this episode even premiered.
  • This is the second episode that Sleepy was wide awake while the rest of the 7D was tired and sleepy; the first was "Sleepytime".
  • It was said by Disney Social media accounts that Jimmy Weldon played Whoopty Doopty Schmoodily Duck, but there was a miscommunication when in fact Maurice LaMarche played the character. Jimmy Weldon played the Bean Salesman the 7D meet in the episode.


International Premieres

  • August 1, 2015 -- (Disney Channel Asia)


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