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(Open up on Queen Delightful and Sir Yipsalot)
Delightful: (jogging) Shall we pick up the pace, Sir Yipsalot?
Sir Yipsalot: (yips)
Starchbottom: Your Majesty! Your Majesty, I have bad news. We have to cancel tomorrow night's concert.
Delightful: Oh, no. The Jollypalooza concert?
Starchbottom: I'm afraid so.
Delightful: That's our only palooza of the year.
Starchbottom: I know. But it seems our singer, Jenny Jollywood, has come down with a frog in her throat.

(cut to Jenny Jollywood. She croaks and laughs.)
Jenny: (laughs) It tickles!

(cut to Delightful and Starchbottom)
Delightful: Well, we just have to find someone new to sing at the concert.
Starchbottom: But... but...
(while Delightful and Yipsalot are running, Bashful is suddenly singing in the background)
Singing voice: (offscreen) I keep working in the mine
I dig all those gems and jewels
While this mine is mighty fine...
Delightful: Oh, goodness, who's singing that?
Starchbottom: I don't know. But it's someone right over there.
Delightful: Let's go find out who it is.

(cut to Jollywood)
Delightful: It's coming from inside the 7D's cottage.
Starchbottom: Okay, you go ahead. I'll be there in a couple of hours.

(cut to The 7D's cottage, Queen Delightful knocks at the door)
Doc: Don't tell me. I can get this. You are... the delivery man!
Delightful: I am?
(Doc uncovers his eyes)
Doc: Your Majesty!
Delightful: (in delivery man voice) No, no, no. I'm the delivery man.
Starchbottom: What's that on your head?
Delightful: (continues using delivery man voice) That's my delivery hat.
Starchbottom: No, I mean on Doc's head.
Doc: My latest invention. It's my "Tells Me Who's Knocking at the Fedora". Come in, Queen Delightful. Come in.
Delightful: Oh, I'm queen again? Why, I didn't keep that delivery job very long.
(Starchbottom bumps his head at the door)
Starchbottom: Ow!
(inside the cottage)
Doc: Hey, everybody, look who's here.
Other Dwarfs: Hi, hello!
Delightful: Ooh, you all have such nice shoes. I have nice shoes too.
Happy: Your Majesty, why don't you sit down?
Delightful: I don't know. Why don't I sit down?
Happy: Uh, I don't know.
Delightful: (laughs) You and your funny riddles. I think I'll sit down. This place is so cozy.
Grumpy: Yeah, we like the high ceilings.
(Starchbottom bumps his head on the ceiling)
Starchbottom: Ow! Your Majesty, (bumps his head again) tell them why we're here.
Delightful: Why are we here? Does anyone really know? I mean, what's the meaning of life?
Starchbottom: No, remember? You heard the singing?
Singing voice: Oh, but you don't know my name
Delightful: I sure did.
Singing voice: And that makes me sad and blue
Delightful: Who is that?
Happy: Oh, that's Bashful.
Bashful: So, baby, I'm with me
Happy: He likes to sing in the shower.
Bashful: For how I'm digging you
(Bashful continues singing inaudibly)
Delightful: Well, I simply must have Bashful sing at tomorrow night's Jollypalooza concert!
7D: Bashful?!
(The 7D laugh for an entire 24-hour period. The camera cuts to show Jollywood. The sun passes and it turns nighttime. The moon then passes and it turns daytime again. Cut to the inside of the 7D's cottage and the Queen, Sir Yipsalot, and Lord Starchbottom are nearly asleep. After the dwarfs are done laughing, Queen Delightful checks her clock to see that a day has passed.)
Delightful: Well, now I need him to sing at tonight's Jollypalooza concert.
Grumpy: (gets done laughing) Not gonna happen.
Delightful: Why not?
Happy: (during laugh) Bashful has never sung in public before.
Delightful: (gasps) You mean, this will be his debut? Well, that settles it. I want this to be the best palooza we ever had. (to Starchbottom) Starchbottom, I'm putting you in charge.
Starchbottom: (bumps head) Me, Your Majesty?
Delightful: (to 7D) I'll see you all tonight at the concert. (walks outside cottage) This is going to be a smash.
Starchbottom: (walks outside the cottage) Ow! I just smashed my head.

(cut inside the cottage)
Bashful: Hey, guys. What's goin' on?
Grumpy: (to Happy) Let's break this to him nice and gentle-like, okay?
Happy: Sure thing. (to Bashful) Hey, Bashful. You get to sing at Jollypalooza tonight!
Bashful: (shrieks)
Grumpy: You really got the nice and gentle thing down, don't you?
Happy: Thank you.
Bashful: S-S-Sing? On stage? In front of PEOPLE?
Happy: How cool is that?!
Bashful: I'm outta here. (runs out of the cottage)
Sleepy: Wow, he couldn't wait to get there.
Doc: No, he's afraid of performing in front of others. We gotta help him. Come on!
(the 7D walk out of the cottage, Dopey whistles)

(cut to Starchbottom)
Starchbottom: Now, taking on Jollypalooza was a big responsibility. But being the cool, calm, and collected fella I am, I knew I could handle the pressure.

(cut to Starchbottom and 7D)
Doc: Bashful has run away.
Starchbottom: WHAT?! Don't just stand there, get after him! If he doesn't show, we don't have a show!
Happy: We'll find 'im!
(The 7D run off)

(cut to Starchbottom alone)
Starchbottom: Nothing ruffles my feathers!

(cut to the forest)
Starchbottom: (panics) Whooooo-hooo! Why does this have to happen to me?! Whoooooo!
(We see Bashful in the background.)
Starchbottom: (panting)

(cut to a clothing line with the 7D searching for Bashful)
Singer: Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!
Grumpy:Bashful! Where are ya? Hello! Bashful?
Singer: Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!
Sleepy: Bashful?
(The 7D walk away.)
Sleepy: He's not here.
(It turns out that Bashful was hiding using a basket.)
Singer: Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!
Where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where can he be?

(cut to the mine, the 7D are looking in the mine carts)
Doc: Oh, Bashful?
(We see Bashful in a mine cart in the background.
Sneezy: No Bashful!

(cut to the 7D's balcony)
Singer: Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!
Sneezy: Oh, Bashful!
Doc: Any sign of 'im?
(Happy and Sneezy nod.)
Happy/Sneezy: Mm-mm.
Singer: Where, oh, where, oh, where, oh, where can he be?
(The 7D give up looking for Bashful at the balcony. We see Bashful, who was hiding behind a pole this whole time. He then climbs down.)

(cut to Starchbottom, he has nervousness since Bashful isn't at Jollypalooza yet)
Starchbottom: Where is that Bashful? The concert starts in less than an hour!
Delightful: Have a great show, Lord Starchbottom!
Starchbottom: (whimpers)
Delightful: It's a full house!
Starchbottom: (whimpers)
Delightful: I'm so excited!
Starchbottom: (gasps; grabs Sir Yipsalot; to Sir Yipsalot:) Can you sing, by any chance?
Yipsalot: Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip!
Starchbottom: You are my opening act.
Yipsalot: (excited) Yip!

(cut to the 7D's cottage, Sleepy is sleeping)
Sleepy: You gotta hand it to him. No one can hide better than Bashful.
Sleepy: A total hiding genius.
Doc: What are we gonna tell the Queen?
Grumpy: She's gonna be disappointed, that's for sure. They'll have to cancel the concert.
Happy: Poor Queen Delightful. She was really counting on Bashful.
Bashful: She was?
Happy: Bashful!
Bashful: Uh, I don't wanna let the Queen down, but... I can't sing.
Grumpy: What are you talkin' about? You sing beautifully in the shower.
Bashful: Yeah, but I can't sing outside the shower.

(cut to the shower)
Bashful: (nervously) Here goes. (hops in shower, starts singing)
I dig working in the mine
(outside the shower, off-key:)
I dig those gems and jewels
(Doc covers his ears.)
Well, this mine is mighty fine
(inside the shower, back on tune:)
And I dig my mining tools
(outside the shower) Blah, blah, blah! Blah, blah, blah! Blah, blah, b-aw, forget it.
Grumpy: He's right. He can only sing in the shower.
Doc: Wait a minute. I've got it.
Other 6D: What?!
Sneezy: I hope it's not contagious. (sniffles)
Doc: Grumpy, you and Dopey go tell Starchy that Bashful is on his way.
Bashful: But I just showed you I can't. I...
Doc: It's okay, Bashful. (to other 5D) Go ahead. Hurry.
Bashful: I appreciate that you're trying to help me, but trust me. I can't do it.
Doc: I do trust you, Bashful. And now, I want you to trust me.
Bashful: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
Doc: Have I ever let you down before?
(A flashback shows of Doc showing squeaking squirrels to Bashful, Bashful faints. Doc also gets Bashful to look at the movements of a crystal very carefully, Bashful faints. Another flashback shows of Bashful falling from the sky.)
Bashful: Lotsa times.
Doc: Oh. Hehe! Eh, well, let's hope this turns out better.

(cut to Sir Yipsalot performing on stage)
Yipsalot: Yip-yip-YIIIP! Yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-YIIIIIIIIIIIP! Yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Yip-yip!
(applause, Sir Yipsalot runs to Starchbottom, three animals chase after Yipsalot)

Starchbottom: Oh! Oh! That's it! Bashful's not here! I'm gonna have to go tell everyone that the concert is cancelled. (slaps eyes) I am a complete and utter failure!
Grumpy: Wait! Bashful's coming.
Starchbottom: What?
Grumpy: He's on his way! Just... stall for time!
Starchbottom: Stall for time? How am I supposed to do that? Hmm.
Grumpy: Uh-oh.

(cut to Grumpy and Starchbottom stalling for time)
(Song: Stalling for Time)
Grumpy: We're stompin' and clompin' and doin' a jig
Starchbottom: We're jumping and thumping our way through the gig
Grumpy: Keep it up, Starchy, we might make it big
Both: We're stalling, we're stalling for time!
Grumpy: Biddley boddley boodley boo!
Starchbottom: We hope that our dancing is pleasant for you!
Grumpy: I wish I had worn more comfortable shoes!
Both: We're stalling, we're stalling for time!
(instrumental break)
Both: We're stalling, we're stalling for time
(Sneezy grabs Grumpy and Starchbottom)
Sneezy: Good job, guys.
Grumpy: What took ya so long?
Sneezy: We had to wait 'till Doc was done.
Grumpy: With what?
Sneezy: You'll see.
Starchbottom: Is Bashful here?
Happy: He's gettin' into place.
Grumpy: But he's afraid to sing in front of an audience. What's he gonna do?
Sneezy: You'll see.
Grumpy: See what?
Sneezy: You'll see.

(cut to Happy on the stage)
Happy: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome tonight's guest performer, Bashful!
(Bashful appears in front of the curtain, the audience cheers)
Bashful: I'm afraid, guys. What if I mess up in front of the audience?
Doc: We believe in you, Bashful. And the Queen believes in you, too.
Bashful: Okay. I'll try.
(Delightful is seen waving in the audience, the curtain opens and Bashful is shown in his tub.)
Bashful: A-one, two, three, four!
(Song: Baby I Dig You)
Oh, I dig the way you walk (Dig, dig, dig!)
I dig the sparkle in your eyes (Dig, dig, dig!)
I dig the way you talk (Dig, dig, dig!)

Yeah, but baby,
I’m just too shy to tell you
7D: B-b-b-b...
Bashful: Baby, I'm digging you

Delightful: Oh!

Bashful: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Bashful: Then, someday, I'll tell you
7D: Yes, I will
Bashful: And if you dig me, too
7D: It's the truth
Bashful: Then I feel Whoopdie Dooptie Schmoodily Doo
Background singer: Schmoodily-doo!
7D: Bu-bu-bu-bum
Bashful: Baby, I'm digging you
7D: Bu-bu-bu-bum
Bashful: Baby, I'm digging you
7D: Bu-bu-bu-bum
Bashful: Baby, I'm dig you
7D: Bu-bu-bu-bum
Bashful: Baby, I'm digging you
(crowd cheers, Delightful whistles)

(Song: You're the Queen of Hearts Baby)
Bashful: You’re the queen of hearts baby
7D: You’re the queen of hearts baby
Bashful: And I'm the ace of spades
7D: He's the ace of spades
Bashful: I’m gonna dig you up a diamond
7D: Gonna dig the jewel up
Bashful: The kind that never fades
7D: Never, ever fades
Bashful: We make a perfect pair
Just singing our serenades

Bashful: You’re the queen of hearts baby
7D: You’re the queen of hearts baby
Bashful: Let me join your club
7D: Let him join your club
Bashful: If you need a knight baby
7D: If you need a knight baby
Bashful: I’m the one to dub
7D: Dub a dub, dub, dub
Bashful: Furthermore I’ll never have to sing
Outside of this tub

(cut to the 7D waiting for Bashful)
Grumpy: How much longer we gotta wait?
Happy: Now, now, Grumpy. Bashful's almost done signing autographs.
(We see Bashful running away from people who want his autograph.)
Grumpy: Can we finally get outta here? (hears knocking on door) Oh, brother.
Bashful: Who is it?
Delightful: (using delivery man voice) It's the delivery man. (pulls flowers out of pocket) These are for you, Bashful. (changes to regular voice) You were wonderful. And this is for you too. (blows kiss on fingers and taps Bashful's head)
(Bashful faints)
Grumpy: He's still a little shy.
Delightful: Grumpy, I loved your song.
Grumpy: Aww. Shucks, Your Majesty.
Delightful: And I have something for you, too.
Grumpy: Oh. Well, what?
Sneezy: You'll just have to wait and...
Grumpy: Don't say it.
Sneezy: See. (sneezes) ACCCHOOO!
Delightful: You're going to star in our next Jollypalooza: Dancing with the 7D!
Grumpy: Agh! (slaps eyes)

(cut to the 7D dancing on stage)
Parry Gripp: It's 7D Jollypalooza time
The 7D dancing and singing in rhyme
And now, all the 7D go,
Parry Gripp and 7D: Heigh-ho!
(the end)

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